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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay October 19 press conference

Here’s what McBae had to say to the media today.

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(Opening statement)

”Getting ready to go. Everybody was good to go today, except for (WR) Cooper Kupp, obviously, and he’ll be out for the game. But, everybody else should be good.”

(On if K Greg Zuerlein is ready to go)

”(K Greg) Zuerlein is ready to go. Just modest, (ESPN reporter) Lindsey (Thiry). He was just laid back. He’s in good shape.”

(On if WR Nick Williams will be active this week)

”There’s a chance. So, we’ll see, but he’s gotten up to speed pretty quickly and he might have a chance to be utilized on Sunday.”

(On if G Rodger Saffold III is good to play)

”He’s good, yup.”

(On what happened with Saffold)

”He just got his knee banged up a little bit. He’s had some different things going on just over the course of his career. Certainly, physical. Got rolled up on and we were just smart with him throughout the course of the week. Just talking to him before we got over here, he’s feeling good, he’s ready to go and that makes me feel good.”

(On if not having QB Jimmy Garoppolo changes anything for the team’s preparation)

”It really doesn’t change anything. Certainly, you have a huge amount of respect for what (QB) Jimmy (Garoppolo) can do as a quarterback, but I think (QB) C.J. Beathard has demonstrated that he can certainly move their offense up and down the field, score points. (49ers Head Coach) Kyle (Shanahan) has got a great system that puts players in position to be able to make plays. They’re running the football extremely efficiently. Their runs look exactly like their play-action passes. They’ve got versatile players that they can stretch you in a lot of different ways, specifically out of 21 personnel where they use (FB Kyle) Juszczyk in a variety of ways. Getting (WR Marquise) Goodwin back gives them an extra boost with somebody that’s got that track speed like he does. Then, obviously, (TE George) Kittle has been showing that he’s truly a complete tight end. They’re physical up front. Obviously, you hate to see anybody get injured and Jimmy is a great player, but I think C.J. has also demonstrated that he’s very capable of winning games and being a really good leader for an offense.”

(On if he sees it show up on film that the 49ers have lost some close games and aren’t far away from being in contention)

”Absolutely. Really, when you look it, when you look at the tape, the tape doesn’t lie. Sometimes turnovers and different things like that obviously have a huge result in what the outcome is, but this is a very good football team that’s been in every single game they’ve played. They do a good job of stressing people on all three phases with offense, defense, special teams. Well-coached, guys compete, too. They play hard. So, it’s going to be a great challenge for us.”

(On if that type of team is dangerous because they will get over the hump at some point)

”Yeah, I think you’re on edge every single week in this league, but I think especially just because you respect all these coaches and all the players in this league. But knowing what we know, because of the relationships and the background we have with a lot of people that are in very, very important roles as far as the leadership is concerned, you know what a great coach Kyle (Shanahan) is. He’ll have those guys ready to go. I’ve got a huge amount of respect for (49ers Defensive Coordinator) Robert Saleh and his knowledge of the game. (Special Teams Coordinator) Richard Hightower, like we mentioned earlier. So, you know, really, the guys that are leading their individual groups do a great job. Those guys continue to compete regardless of whatever adversity they’ve gone through. In this league, you can’t afford to take anybody for granted, but when you look at this team especially, you see a very well-coached team on tape. You see good players at every single spot and you see sound systems that give you issues in a variety of ways. Like anything else, they’ve had some unfortunate injuries and they’ve also had some bounces that didn’t go their way, but when you look at this tape, this is a good football team. I don’t care what their record says.”