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Random Ramsdom 10/19: LA compass points to San Francisco, 7-0

All the Friday morning news as the Rams get ready to head to San Fran.

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos

Report: The Chargers are not leaving Los Angeles for at least 20 years | Yahoo! Sports

That’s the thing about Renters: always trying to break their lease. Looks like Stan locked Thanos Spanos into a long-term deal in Inglewood. The point is, this is bad news for those of you hoping the Bolts will head back to San Diego.

Rams aren’t getting beat, but the same can’t be said for their cornerbacks | OC Register

Ladies and gentlemen: Troy Hill. And Sam Shields. And Marcus Peters. Basically, the point here is that someone, anyone, needs to step up for the Rams’ beleaguered secondary this Sunday.

Los Angeles Rams will adjust fine without Cooper Kupp in Week 7 | FanSided

On paper, there’s every reason to believe the Rams will have little trouble getting by the 49ers in this one since Kyle Shanahan‘s team only has one win to their name, although the team did look good against the San Francisco 49ers during Week 6.

Apparently, the Niners played themselves last week, and looked good! The point is, we’ll rally around Josh Reynolds and Gerald Everett, and we’ll play good football.

Old friends Shanahan, McVay square off when 49ers face Rams | Associated Press

Remember Bosom Buddies? With Tom Hanks? It was excellent for it’s time. I mean, what’s weird about two guys dressing up in drag so they can get cheap rent? The point is, McVay and Shanahan are kind of bosom buddies, without women’s clothing, and can probably afford to live in nicer apartments.

Troy Hill Looking to Bounce Back In Passing Game | Rams Official

Sorry Myles, but it would stand to reason that since Troy Hill is a cornerback (albeit not a very good one), he’d be looking to bounce back in pass defense. But perhaps he’s looking to take over Mannion’s job. The point is, Hill thinks he can play better, and let’s just hope Wade doesn’t see fit to put him on Marquise Goodwin on Sunday.

Only one coach wastes more timeouts than Sean McVay | RamsWire

Waste not, want not? The point is really that McVay’s frivolous TO spending hasn’t hurt us: yet.

Why Todd Gurley will win this year’s MVP award | RamsWire

Cam DaSilva says JTG will take home the trophy this year, and I’m inclined to believe him. And if I’m making a point, it’s that Gurley’s scoring a LOT of rushing touchdowns and is on pace to set an NFL record in the category. If that’s not MVP-worthy, not sure what is.

Team Comparisons: 49ers Host Undefeated Rams in Week 6 | 49ers Official

Some stats (and excellent points) from NoCal.