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Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers: Win-Loss predictions for Week 7

The LA Rams look to make it seven straight wins to start the season against their NFC West rival this Sunday

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams (6-0) finish up a three game road trip this Sunday, as they’re set to take on NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers (1-5). The Rams will aim to do something none of the Greatest Show on Turf squads from the early 2000’s were able to do: win their first seven games to start a season.

Can they? The Turf Show Times’ staff make their predictions:

go rams (@AndrewKulick)

F*CK THE NINERS and I have no idea what the score will be.

Prediction: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

RamBuck (@lannyosu)

The Rams will be down Cooper Kupp, but gain back Greg the Leg and Rodger Saffold. As long as the OL is fully intact, there’s no stopping this offense.

Prediction: Rams win, 34-22

Eddie Perez (@iAmEddieP_)

This 49er game can be a trap game. The Rams are a bit banged up on both sides of the ball, which can give the Niners some openings to exploit.

However, fandom at its best wears its ugly head. I believe the Rams firepower will still be too much. Jared Goff will shoot out the ball to Robert Woods & Brandin Cooks. Todd Gurley will do Gurley ish.

Prediction: Rams win, 31-20

Michael Frank (@turfshowtimesmike)

Check out these numbers. 20-34-12-7-2-3. These are how many points the Rams have beat their opponents by. Now let’s look at the Niners’ numbers how much they lost by, 8-11-2-10-3. Not terrible but the Niners are due some respect losing close games to some solid opponents. Jared Goff comes back to his original self and is supported by Todd Gurley. Predicting big games from Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh as they get a sack each and more.

Prediction: Rams win, 35-27

Tevin Broner (@T_Bron)

This game is interesting and it does have the makings of a trap game. It’s not like the Rams defense has been a knockout especially with Case Keenum looking solid. I think it will be a high scoring game and if the Rams make mistakes they could lose. Kind of reminds me of the old Seahawks and Ram games.

Prediction: Rams win, 28-21

Charlie Hiller (@CharlieHiller)

I’m no longer under the impression that the Rams’ defense is going to show up for an entire game. And the 49ers have been fairly capable of scoring, even in the post-Jimmy GQ era. But until the Rams lose one of these marathon shootouts, I’ll continue to pick them

Prediction: Rams win, 37-27

Eric Nagel (@Eric_nagel)

The Rams score a lot of points. I like this. Be like Eric. Like the Rams.

Prediction: Rams win, 43-27

Skye Sverdlin (@skyeattolah)

Finally a stat padding week. If at any point you feel bad for the Niners because they are missing Jimmy Interception, just watch this video and laugh.

Then burn the song onto a CD so you can throw it out of your car window on the freeway. These are the same Niner fans that were crowing after McVay gave them a free win when he benched his starters last year in Week 17. The Niners are deplorable, and are about to know how Chattanooga feels when they play Alabama.

Prediction: Rams win, 48-3

Elijah Kim (@Big_EZK)

The Rams head back on the road but this time, stay in state. In a divisional game that has changed drastically (No Jimmy G, flexed out of Sunday Night), the Rams will try to stay perfect for the season and the division. The 49ers offense is coming off a good game on Monday Night with QB Beathard hoping to better his career game.

The Rams talent will be too much for the 49ers to overcome as the Rams win while putting up some big points on the board.

Prediction: Rams win, 38-24

kristianramirez (@kristianramirez)

The 49ers. I had written them off early in the season, but Beathard has proven to be quite the QB. Combine that with the fact that the Legendary Secondary has proven to be less legendary than originally thought, and well. That’s not to say that I think they’ll beat us, no sir. With multiple vectors of attack, the Rams offense has proven to be impossible to stop over the course of a whole game.

Prediction: Rams win, 34-24

Hotdaddywags (@hotdaddywags)

The Whiners actually looked pretty good on Monday night. BeatHard is a regular Bobby Hoyer, Goodwin is wicked fast and Matt Breida and Kittle can hurt you. Still, Shanahan’s shenanigans have the Niners at 1-5; a second consecutive terrible start. After tough road wins at Seattle and Denver, the Rams’ trip to Santa Clara will be a regular wine and cheese affair. Look for LA to step on the gas early and often to avoid a third straight close game. SF will hang around, but Rams coast to 7-0.

Prediction: Rams win, 41-24

Brennan Smith (@BrennanJSmith)

A division game that was a lot sexier a few months ago now features C.J. Beathard under center instead of Jimmy G. Last week, the Rams’ run game gashed the Broncos on offense and Los Angeles’ run defense limited Denver’s backs, and the game plan should be similar this week. With Cooper Kupp out, Todd Gurley will shine in the short passing game and I’ll go out on a limb and say one of the tight ends will make an impact in the passing game. The Rams’ secondary will need to contain speedy Marquise Goodwin and the offensive line will have to rebound against a physical 49ers defensive line after giving up five sacks last week.

Prediction: Rams win, 35-21

Sosa Kremenjas (@QBsMVP)

What you seen the 49ers do to the Packers on MNF, you will not see them do to the Rams. This defense is starting to get correct and will need another strong performance with the 49ers being good in the running game and having a dangerous weapon like Marquise Goodwin over the top. The offense will score at will, that much is nearly guaranteed. I think the Rams keep this magical streak going and knock the record up to 7-0.

Prediction: Rams win, 43-23

seattlerams (@seattlerams_nfl)

The schedule gets a lot more interesting after this game, so call it a trap game if you want, but I’m going to call it a beating. The Rams secondary has struggled since Aqib Talib was injured, and while George Kittle and Marquise Goodwin might be licking their chops, if the Rams can’t beat a team led by CJ Beathard, then we have bigger problems to worry about.

Prediction: Rams win, 34-13

joeyaucoin (@LARamsRamsRams)

The Niners aren’t as bad as we think and last week’s game was proof. I could see San Francisco playing up to the level of the Rams, making a competitive game. Since every defense in the NFL is broken now, the Rams will sneak away with a victory.

Prediction: Rams win, 45-42

Sean Wilkinson (@Papa_Lurch)

The 49ers are 1-5 but damn near beat the Packers last week. With a tough 4 game stretch following this weekend, the Rams might be surprised if they’re caught looking ahead.

Prediction: Rams win, 34-27

3k (@3k_)

Looking for a Sunday treat to keep you warm on game day? Look no further than Michael Mina’s truffle-infused french onion soup. The San Francisco based restauranteur ensures that all the elements of this one - caramelized onions, beef broth, baguette, and truffled cheese - exude a golden hue. Now that’s some serious gold on gold on gold on gold action!

Prediction: Rams win, 40-13

Brandon Bate (@NoPlanB_)

Before season started, I figured the 49ers would stand pat at home and split the series with the Rams this year. It’s difficult to do that now, given the amount of injuries that have piled up at such significant positions for San Francisco. That said, it’s clear they’ve not given up on this season. I expect this one to be closer than it probably should be, but the Rams’ offense, per usual, will just be too much.

Prediction: Rams win, 37-27