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Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos: Fans are overreacting to Sean McVay’s playcalling

Coach Sean McVay was too pass happy when Todd Gurley was dominating and the refs made the game way closer than it had to be. Which of these overreactions do you agree with?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams remain undefeated after a hard-fought battle on the road against the Denver Broncos in Week 6, winning 23-20. It was an ugly game, sure, but it also revealed a lot of overreactions from fans.

Best Overreaction

Terrible calls by the refs affected the game tremendously

I’m usually pretty sympathetic to what NFL referees have to accomplish during a game; it’s a thankless job that requires hard work and determination . And still, the refs were a hot mess on Sunday and nearly cost the Rams the W. The phantom facemask call is my new mystery that I’m obsessed with. They should start a true crime podcast where the point is to find out why the refs thought there was a penalty on that play. Ndamukong Suh had an offsides flag pulled on him was also a national travesty and Aaron Donald was getting held all game.

Worst Overreaction

Coach Sean McVay’s major flaw is his inability to just trust the run game in key situations

The offensive playcalling for the Los Angeles has been called into question after the team had their lowest scoring output of the season (by ten points). After QB Jared Goff threw on 3rd and 6, resulting in an INT, the term “pass happy” popped up on Twitter in regards to Coach McVay. I don’t side with this overreaction because while several plays didn’t the go the Rams’ way offensively, mainly with the passing game, it was more of an anomaly than bad coaching. Goff was completing some impressively clutch passes to Robert Woods consistently throughout the game, it’s just that dice didn’t roll the Rams’ way, leading to more punting situations than fans are used to. So yeah, McVay didn’t have a great game, but it’s not a flaw of his coaching ability.

And Todd Gurley had 28 rushing attempts, which is the second most of his career (he had 30 carries in his rookie season against the Green Bay Packers.)

So, the Rams didn’t beat the spread. Big deal. It was a gritty win by the 6-0 Rams. By no means is it an overreaction to state that the Rams are the class of the NFL.