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Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos: Game balls examine how the game was decided by the run on both sides of the ball

Denver has been Gurleyed, Marcus Peters is back, and so is the run defense.

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

RB Todd Gurley

Usually it’s by air, but on frigid Fall days sometimes victory arrives by ground, on a dreadlocked chariot named Todd Gurley. On a day where many fans wondered if their MVP candidate was perhaps being underutilized at times, Gurley ended up busting his way to 208 yards anyway, and averaging 7.4 yards per carry in the process.

Whenever the Rams offense went to Gurley on Sunday, he delivered; whether that meant picking up the blitz, dragging a few Broncos to the first down marker, or cruising upfield for a big gain. If he can keep it up, someday Todd will be mentioned with other Rams Cadillacs like Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, and Steven Jackson.

Todd is special.

CB Marcus Peters

Coming off of a horrid performance against the Seattle Seahawks last week, Marcus Peters found redemption on a snowy day in Colorado. Outside of one short reception by Demaryius Thomas toward the end of the game, the Broncos avoided Peters side of the field for almost the entire game. Many of Peters better days will look like this, absolutely quiet, beautifully quiet. Now, if Troy Hill can have better day’s than he did in Denver, the Rams should be okay until Aqib Talib returns. Well done MP22, we see you!

Rams run defense

The Broncos have had one of the better rushing attacks in the NFL this season, but they didn’t on Sunday. Coming off a game in Seattle where the Rams’ defense surrendered 190 yards to Seahawks’ running backs, they stepped up against the Broncos and only allowed 60 yards on the ground. Whenever Broncos running backs Royce Freeman or Phillip Lindsey looked for daylight against the Rams, they found night. The Rams Big 3 up front were there, patiently read plays, and tackled well. Cory Littleton played another solid game, and continues to move well horizontally to find contact before runs develop into big plays.