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UPDATED: Help send a Los Angeles Rams fan to his first Rams game

One of our most beloved writers has never been to a Rams game. Let’s fix that.

UPDATE as of Oct. 16:

We’re at $760 against the $2k. THANK YOU to everyone who has kicked in so far! Pretty sure we’re going to get our boy to the game. We’ve also had a mystery fan reach out with some incredible generosity — Rams fans are the best! Appreciate those of you who have been supportive of this and see the fun in it and the spirit with which it was intended. Let’s reach our goal and give Sosa an experience he’ll never forget!

For most of us, writing for TST is a labor love. We don’t do it for the money or the fame. We do it because we love the Los Angeles Rams and connecting with fans and each other. It truly is a Los Angeles Rams community.

If you’ve spent much time on the site or chime in on Rams Twitter, you’ve come to appreciate the contributions of Sosa “The Croatian Sensation” Kremenjas. Sosa is easily one of our most prolific writers, and his video breakdowns are the stuff of legend. He’s also a complete savage. The kind of fan you’d love to tailgate with at a Rams game.

Here’s the catch.

Sosa has never been to an LA RAMS game.

So on behalf of Rams fans everywhere, let’s fix that ASAP. The Rams/Eagles game is on 12/16, which just so happens to be Sosa’s b-day!

Your contribution will go towards:

  • Airfare from Toronto
  • 2 night’s stay at a 4-star hotel near the Coliseum
  • A nice ticket to the LA Rams / Philadelphia Eagles game on 12/16
  • A little spending cash for beverages or some new Rams gear

If 100 of us kick in $20, Sosa will have the time of his life (and write the greatest post in TST history).



Note: $2,000 is intentionally high as airfare, hotel and tickets can all fluctuate, plus GoFundMe fees, etc. Any remaining funds will go towards Sosa’s ongoing pursuit of blogging greatness.