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Turf Show Radio S10E30: Week 5 (@ SEA) recap

Bro, it’s like a podcast, bro!

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  • 2:32: Asshats!
  • 3:35: Joey went to a Chicago Cubs-themed party
  • 8:38: Rob-o starts his recap of the game after being there in person
  • 14:02: This was NFC West football
  • 16:45: Standout players. Joey: CB Marcus Peters. 3k (18:04): K Cairo Santos. Rob-o (19:10): WR Robert Woods
  • 22:16: Joey’s report card
  • 29:10: “This is a defense that has given up 85 points over the last three games...”
  • 35:15 McVay’s Brass Balls™
  • 38:00: “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”
  • 40:15: “Every single fan base is looking at the Rams and looking at McVay and saying, damn, I wish that guy was our head coach.”
  • 42:13: The Brandin Cooks hit and why 3k thinks it’s the most fascinating play of the season
  • 56:31: “The brutality has been there for decades.”
  • 1:00:10: Jared Goff would be a horrible host
  • 1:02:15: The only video games Jared Goff plays are golf video games to get better at actual golf
  • 1:04:43: “Thassa Haggar!”
  • 1:08:15: Rob-O joins the Cooper Kupp Clan

The show is now on iTunes, Art19 and Spotify too.