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The Super Bowl is about football...and food.

What are you eating on Sunday?

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LOS ANGELES, CA. - JANUARY 23, 2014:  Queso con chile for food section shot in the Los Angeles Times
Queso, if I may say so
Photo by Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Our Super Bowl supergroup posts are coming to close today revolving around maybe the hardest question of all for the big game...

What are you going to eat?

I like food. I eat some every day. I also cook quite a bit. And while I tend to gravitate toward a more Louisiana-centric cuisine with plenty of offal (bruh, you better eat them animal parts), I recognize that’s not the most popular menu across America. Especially on Super Bowl Sunday.

Today, we’re supposed to ask what the best thing to eat is.

I think that’s unfair. Super Bowl Sunday is about the cornucopia. A bounty. Labor Day ushers in football season. We peak with Thanksgiving and we say goodbye on Super Bowl Sunday. The food is as crucial to each as the football, and limiting ourselves to just one food pick seems unnecessarily cruel.

A lot of my peers across SB Nation NFL team sites are picking chicken wings as the go to. I’m a fan of pairing wings with sports, but that’s not sufficient for Super Bowl Sunday. I think you have to have at least one dip. A queso (which BTW...great new cookbook) or a salsa or a thick dip like a multilayer or guacamole. This Bon Appetit list has plenty of options on its own. And while wings certainly suffice in this category, I think you gotta have something with crunch. The texture element is key during a Super Bowl. Either a chip or something fried or one of those party mixes. The other real key is to keep the outputs small. Finger foods are a sign of a good Super Bowl menu.

Then again, I’m getting old. I’m a classicist. A lot of the new snacks these days? Miss me with that.

If I’m being forced to pick something, I’m going chips with some kind of dip that includes cheese. But in the end, it really should be part of a larger spread to celebrate the end of football season and the end of the ability to get together on Sundays and eat good, unhealthy stuff.

What’s your favorite Super Bowl dish? Got a recipe you always lean on? What are you doing this year? What’s a Super Bowl sin when it comes to food?