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Turf Show radio S9E24 : Win or go home

The Los Angeles Rams will face the Atlanta Falcons in the wild card round of the 2018 playoffs. Time to disucuss matchups and what to watch for.

Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

(Apple News readers will need to head to the show page to listen to the episode; you can also find the show on iTunes as well)

Finally...after 14 long's playoff time. The Los Angeles Rams are back in the big dance, and Joe (@3k_) and myself (@MightyOrMisone) discuss the game ahead.

The Rams will have to defeat the Atlanta Falcons to proceed to the next round of the playoffs. It's win or go home. However, the Falcons may be the most evenly matched team for the Rams in the NFL. As Rams RB Todd Gurley is the engine that makes the Rams HC Sean McVay offense go, the Falcons linebackers are the kryptonite that can stop the exact type of back that Gurley is. They're fast, physical, and can cover. Then there's Atlanta WR Julio Jones. Can the Rams slow him down? Can either Rams WR Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods have success against an underrated Atlanta secondary?

We discuss it all on this week's show.

It's a new year and a new show. I'm not taking any of 3k's crap anymore. Just listen to the show as I make him answer all the tough questions he so often dances around, no more copouts.

Also everyone wish Joe a happy birthday! He's a whole 52-plus years old, and still bossing it out. And you won't want to miss the conversation to start the show. I left that portion of the show with some disturbing imagery of Joe.

Happy New Year everyone, and enjoy the show!