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Random Ramsdom 1/3: Goff gets his due

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Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Rams believe Jared Goff is fearless | OC Register

Rich Hammond does a great profile on the second year play caller from Cal, who is not flinching at the pressure the Los Angeles Rams are putting on his shoulders.

Goff’s performance instrumental in Rams’ success | Rams official site

Rams insider Myles Simmons also reports that Jared Goff was great this season. Is today “Jared Goff Day” and no one told me? Should I order a cake? I’m going to order a cake. This is a great idea.

Jon Gruden to target Greg Olsen if hired by Raiders | Rams Wire

Or QB coach may get snapped up by the Oakland Raiders. I wonder whose performance made Greg Olsen look good? That’s right. Jared Goff Day is in full effect.

How will the NFL playoffs and the LA Rams work out? | OC Register

LA fans haven’t hosted a NFL playoff game since 1994 (and that was the Raiders).

PRACTICE REPORT: the Rams approach the postseason | Rams official site

Read Kristen Lago’s most recent report on the Rams as they adjust to a Saturday game.

LA Times reports from Los Angeles after the game | Rams-news

Lindsey Thiry and Gary Klein report about the state of the Rams going into Wild Card weekend.

Pharoh Cooper proving to be valuable | NBC Los Angeles

A little respect for our return specialist in one tidy article.

Goff keeping the same approach in the postseason | Rams official site

More from Myles Simmons -- this time he’s framing quotes from a Jared Goff press conference to prove that even though he has no NFL playoff experience, he is up to the task.

How the Rams stack up with the Falcons | iSportsweb

The Falcons’ defense is scary and even though their offense used to be their strength, things have changed... read more about this Wild Card matchup.

Todd Gurley’s comeback fueled the Rams | Pro Football Focus

Not that you need more proof that Todd Gurley is the heart of the Rams’ offense, but here are some cool charts.

Even the Jaguars have more playoff experience than the Rams | ESPN

Or: the Los Angeles Rams have the least amount of postseason experience.

Dan Quinn and the Falcons have respect for Aaron Donald | Rams official site

And the chess game begins. Smart move by the Falcons — don’t piss off Donald.

Isaac Bruce named 2018 Hall of Fame finalist | Rams official site


Meet the Atlanta Falcons | OC Register

Learn about the enemy with this handy primer by Rich Hammond.

Jared Goff ranks #9 on top QB list | Bleacher Report

OK, so it’s officially Jared Goff day. I’m all in. Just got the cake.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and Sean McVay bond on leadership | ESPN

Guys, Dave Roberts and Sean McVay text each other. I wonder how they celebrated Jared Goff day. Probably with cake.

The Falcons know that Todd Gurley is an issue for them | ESPN

Well, at least they’re paying attention. In related news, I just ate an entire cake.