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Where’s the best place to watch the Super Bowl?

If you could pick one place to watch the Big Game, where would it be?

Super Bowl XXVII
Super Bowl XXVII
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As we near Super Bowl LII (and I don’t care what AP Stylebook way I’m not using the Roman numeral), we’re continuing to look at the game from all 32 SB Nation NFL team sites.

On Tuesday, we looked at the biggest Super Bowl moment in our franchise’s history. For the Los Angeles/St. Louis/Cleveland Rams, it was a no-brainer.

Today, we’re all being asked the best location to watch the Super Bowl. To me, this one’s easy too.

There’s only three real options, right?

Either you are one of the few humans who get to actually attend the game, or you go to a bar or restaurant to watch the game without having to worry about the logistics of a get-together or you go to someone’s place to a Super Bowl party lest you host the party yourself.

Attending a Super Bowl, especially if the Rams are participating, would obviously be special. But those games are attended by tons of people who aren’t even, yanno, fans. How many people will be at U.S. Bank Stadium next weekend that aren’t Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots fans and are there on a corporate dime or to take in the sheer spectacle? There’s something more sincere, more genuine about going to the game without the Week 17 of a season when you’re 4-11 and you’ve fired your head coach and everyone’s gone by halftime...Hey, at least I had good seats.

There’s an allure to going to a bar or restaurant, for sure. Get hungry? There’s food ready to be made and brought to you so you don’t have to get off your butt (i.e. The American Way). Thirsty? They got it. Need alcohol? Of course you do. They’re happy to provide. The only real drawback is that you can’t control the rest of the audience. You get some bandwagon Pats fan making a scene or someone who has one two many (insert official NFL beer of the Super Bowl here and please send me a share of the sponsorship money). If you’re going somewhere to watch the Super Bowl, you’re at the whim of the community and man, is that a risky whim.

No, for me the pick’s easy. You need a couch. You need a big TV. You need cold beers. You need unhealthy foods that are easy to hold. You need a chip. And a dip. And a sip.

This is the day when everyone across the country on some kind of diet they promised themselves they’d try gets to have a cheat day. Low carbs? Have some tortilla chips. Small portion size? Gorge on those wings. On the queso diet? Um...don’t change a thing!

It’s the Super Bowl. Let’s not overthink this.

Where’s your favorite place to watch the Super Bowl? And if you’re workin on the menu (something we’ll address in the next SBN NFL Super Bowl theme post), what’re you making for your Super Bowl party snacks?