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2018 NFL Mock Draft for Senior Bowl week has Los Angeles Rams circling the CB wagons

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Another mock, another cornerback for the Rams.

Iowa CB Josh Jackson intercepts a pass in the Pinstripe Bowl
Iowa CB Josh Jackson intercepts a pass in the Pinstripe Bowl
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Did you catch all the mock drafts from last week? No worries if not. The TST mock draft tracker has every major mock we’re covering on the site this year.

But with four major mocks in mid-January, things are clearly heating up.

What’s also heating up for the Los Angeles Rams is the conventional wisdom that their first-round pick, the 23rd overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, is likely to be a cornerback. We’ve seen various cornerbacks mocked to the Rams, but the large majority of prognostications have the Rams taking one.

So it’s little surprise that today’s weekly mock from Mocking the Draft’s Dan Kadar continues to advance that CW:

23. Los Angeles Rams: Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

Sorry if this pick is getting dull, but Jackson is the No. 2 true cornerback in this year’s draft and fits perfectly onto Los Angeles’ defense.

Kadar has mocked us to Jackson since Thanksgiving only wavering once to push Jackson to the Buffalo Bills at 21 leaving the Rams to take Ohio St. CB Denzel Ward. In this week’s mock, Kadar has the Bills taking Louisville QB Lamar Jackson leaving Josh Jackson to the Rams at 23.

It’s a good week to keep eyes on MTD as Kadar’s in Mobile for the Senior Bowl. His preview lays out the major storylines for the week, but coming off of an 11-win season and with just one pick in the first 85 or so selections, the Los Angeles Rams will have a concisely-tailored plan for April.

As it stands, that plan seems likely to begin with how the Rams plan to address the cornerback position this offseason.