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The Rams will always have one of the great Super Bowl moments of all time

Of all the great Super Bowl moments in NFL history, one stands out for the Rams in their lone Lombardi Trophy.

Across SB Nation’s 32 NFL team sites today, we’re looking at each franchise’s best Super Bowl moment.

For this franchise, it’s unmistakably easy.

Between their eras in Los Angeles and St. Louis, the Rams have played in three Super Bowls.

The Rams played in one Super Bowl in the first LA era in early 1980 in Super Bowl XIV. It was a wild season, one that would invite some callbacks 20 years later as starting QB Pat Haden, who would go on to become USC’s athletic director for nearly six full years, would suffer an early season injury leaving a storybook season to follow that came up just short.

Their third Super Bowl would be their last to this point, a wholly unsatisfying conclusion to the Greatest Show on Turf in Super Bowl XXXVI poisoned by Spygate and decapitated by a game-winning kick by then-New England Patriots K Adam Vinatieri.

But sandwiched in between two decades after the Rams’ first Super Bowl, the St. Louis Rams crashed through a wall with the Greatest Show on Turf to win Super Bowl XXXIV culminating in The Tackle as LB Mike Jones wrapped up Tennessee Titans WR Kevin Dyson mere inches short of the goalline preventing a game-winning touchdown for the Titans under then-Head Coach Jeff Fisher. Were it not for such a heartstopping finish, I could point to WR Isaac Bruce’s 73-yard touchdown just minutes prior as the franchise’s greatest Super Bowl moment. But this was the moment that the Rams became champions. This was the moment that wrote the Rams’ name in history.

To have such a pure, finite coda...

There’s no doubt.

The Tackle is the Rams’ greatest Super Bowl moment in franchise history.