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NFL Media’s Daniel Jeremiah opens things up for the Los Angeles Rams in new 2018 NFL Mock Draft

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Could the Rams look to bolster the trenches on the offensive line in the first round?

Georgia OL Isaiah Wynn
Georgia OL Isaiah Wynn
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

One of the bigger names in the mock draft world every year is NFL Media’s Daniel Jeremiah. A college quarterback at Appalachian State who became an NFL scout for three teams, Jeremiah offers a rare blend of professional expertise and connections to make his mock drafts more than an exercise in internet-fueled futility.

So Jeremiah’s first mock draft, which came out less than an hour ago, is something of merit.

What’s perhaps both unsurprising and underwhelming is that it lacks the punch of less conventional mocks.

There’s not a ton in the top 22 to raise your eyebrows at.

He has four QBs in his first round starting with USC QB Sam Darnold at #1 overall. He’s got a blend of names we’ve already seen in the top 20 enough to establish them as, well, establishment picks.

He does have a wrinkle for the Rams at #23, though.

In ESPN’s Mel Kiper’s first mock that came out yesterday, I asked if having the fourth cornerback in the first round topped the opportunity to get a top prospect at a different position, albeit one that might not carry the weight of roster need that CB does. Many Rams fans suggested it did not and that the Rams would be better off selecting a player at a different need or even playing off the top of their board in a Best Player Available strategy. Jeremiah’s mock makes that consensus even stronger with four cornerbacks in his top 22 picks.

So instead of taking the fifth cornerback of the draft, Jeremiah pins the Rams to a completely new name:

Isaiah Wynn - OG, Georgia

Wynn was an undersized offensive tackle at Georgia, but I believe he has Pro Bowl potential as an interior offensive lineman.

Well that’s new.

It’s certainly not a huge need with LG Rodger Saffold and RG Jamon Brown coming off of positive seasons and both under contract for 2018. And whereas you could easily make a case for a left tackle or center with LT Andrew Whitworth and C John Sullivan among the more senior (read: old) Rams on the roster, Saffold is three years younger than Sully with Jamon five years younger than Saff.

If the thought of a BPA pick excited you, well this is what it looks like. Needs begone.

What say you, Rams fans? An offensive guard at 23?