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Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay sends message to fans in season-ending email

McBae had one final message to fans to close out the 2017 season.

Rams HC Sean McVay’s email
Rams HC Sean McVay’s email

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay sent out the following email to Rams email subscribers and season-ticket holders:

On behalf of the Los Angeles Rams, I would like to thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our team. From our first offseason workout all the way to our first playoff berth since 2004, you were committed to this team and together, we made history.

The Rams won the NFC West championship for the first time in nearly 15 years and we returned playoff football to Los Angeles in front of a crowd of more than 70,000 incredible fans. The Coliseum was electric and we are very appreciative of everyone that was there cheering us on. Although we are disappointed our season ended sooner than we had hoped, we are encouraged by the talent we have in place, the resiliency of our players and coaches, the passion of our fans, and the devotion shown by you and all of our season ticket members. We recognize the role you played in our success and for that we thank you.

This week marks the beginning of an offseason dedicated to improving our football team as we continue our journey to bring home a Super Bowl championship to Los Angeles. As we embark on this next chapter, we hope you extend your support and join us at the Coliseum this fall to recreate Saturday’s Wild Card atmosphere all season long. Together, I am confident we will build a franchise that will make you and the entire Los Angeles community proud.

We are motivated to respond to this challenge and our work for the 2018 season begins now.

Sean McVay