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Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers: Highlight/lowlight give a backup CB some limelight

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The Rams have taken a hit to their CB corps in recent weeks, so it’s good to see a young guy step up and take advantage of his opportunity

NFL: DEC 31 49ers at Rams


This wasn’t so much the worst play of the day for the Rams, but it encapsulates how the game went pretty well. Within the first two minutes of the game, ILB Cory Littleton is stuck on 49ers TE George Kittle in man coverage. Kittle’s head fake got Littleton to bite, and it ultimately ended in him slipping, allowing Kittle to grab an easy pass and gain 44 yards on the play. Kittle was a major issue for the Rams all game as he had four receptions for 100 yards.


The Rams only bright spot on defense was arguably CB Kevin Peterson, who had himself quite a game. Peterson actually had two interceptions in this game, as well as a pass breakup on 3rd down. On this play, Peterson is in coverage against the 49ers top option in Marquise Goodwin. It’s hard to see on the gif, but it looks like an in-breaking route (dig) where Peterson undercuts Goodwin to get to the ball first. Not only did he secure the turnover, but he managed to gain a ton of yardage back for an offense that struggled majorly throughout the game.