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Random Ramsdom: 9/8 Regular Season Looms

The Rams prepare for their first battle against a short-handed Colts team.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Donald expected to miss season opener | ESPN

Holdout Aaron Donald is looking like he will miss the season opener against the Celtics.

Rams already “failing” by not having Donald | Forbes

With the Los Angeles Rams missing their best player in the opener, the franchise is definitely not starting strong in their second year in Los Angeles.

How good or bad will Goff be? | ESPN

It’s anybody’s guess with how well or poor Jared Goff will be. Hopefully for all of us, he’s good.

The Herd predicts Rams season | Fox Sports

Colin Cowherd predicts the Rams season in three words, “Goff or Goff-ful”.

Kaepernick protesters to block Rams traffic | LA Weekly

Colin Kaepernick supporters plan to make the traffic even more hard to deal with.

Will Goff’s improvement be good enough for Rams? | TST

Jared Goff had an abysmal rookie year... will the improvement to below-average be good enough improvement?

Can Rams fans stomach longer holdout? | Ramblin Fan

The Rams may be in for a long holdout with their star defensive lineman. Can the fans be able to see it with objectivity?