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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Indianapolis Colts: Bold Predictions

Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to know what’s going to happen on Sunday in Los Angeles, stay clear of this 100% factual guessing exercise.

Indianapolis Colts v St. Louis Rams Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It’s been a long period of time between NFL games that actually matter. So if you’re like me, you’re counting down until kickoff on Sunday afternoon. The Los Angeles Rams will host the Indianapolis Colts in a Week 1 opener that probably won’t gain too much national attention since the QB matchup isn’t even close to being fantasy football relevant and the best defensive player in the league, DT Aaron Donald, will be sitting out.

However, for those who will be watching this contest, they will be feasting their eyes upon the arrival of the new-look offense for the Rams. So new, in fact, that it doesn’t even have a super rad nickname. Yet.

Let’s lay out what will happen with some bold predictions:

DT Michael Brockers is going to dominate

If the Colts have a chance to really move the ball against the defense, it’s not going to be with the passing talents of QB Scott Tolzien. Instead, they will try to run the ball with resident oldie: Frank Gore — it’s going to be a disaster for the Colts. Brockers wants to prove that he’s also a star in his own right on the defensive line for the Rams. Alongside impressive rookie Tanzel Smart and fourth-year underdog Ethan Westbrooks, Brockers will stuff the run with three solo tackles and a couple of assisted tackles.

QB Jared Goff will torch the Colts’ secondary right away

With Pro Bowl CB Vontae Davis out with a groin injury, Rams Head Coach Sean McVay is most definitely going to gameplan this detail to his advantage. Rookie CB Quincy Wilson will be targeted by Goff with deep strikes to WR Sammy Watkins in the first quarter. Look for Goff to rack up more than a 100 passing yards in the first quarter.

The running game will come alive in the second half

The Rams will find immediate success running playaction using WR Cooper Kupp and WR Robert Woods on mid-range passing routes as well as the already discussed deep passes. This will open things up for RB Todd Gurley in a big way. Look for the 2015 offensive rookie of the year to gain more than 150 yards rushing, with most of those yard coming after the defense learns to respect the passing attack of Jared Goff. That previous sentence sounds like a joke. It’s not. It’s just bold. Really, really, really bold.

We’re going to be talking about LB Alec Ogletree’s pick 6

Going against an unproven quarterback, Ogletree is going to be flying all over the field, eventually leaping high enough into the air to grab an interception taking it to the house for more than 50 yards at the start of the third quarter.

WR Tavon Austin will return a punt for a touchdown

With the game already in hand, Austin will thrill the crowd with a sensational punt return that will settle the mystery as to what his role is on the Rams: he’s a poor man’s Devin Hester, which is still exciting if you don’t think about how much money he makes.

The Rams will have a resounding victory to the tune of 35-9. For those of you in pick-em leagues, this game is one of the unlikely sure-things. For once in this decade, believe in the Rams. They’re not horrible anymore.