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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Indianapolis Colts: TST Staff Win-Loss Predictions

The Turf Show Times staff makes their predictions of who comes out on top on Sunday.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 regular season is finally upon us. Sunday - for a few hours at least - we can forget about our problems and savor in real NFL football. As is tradition at TST, the staff will take a stab at win/loss predictions each week.

Here’s our best guess at what’s happening in Week 1 as the Los Angeles Rams take on the Indianapolis Colts.

Go Rams

Rams Win, 34-10

Elijah Kim

The Colts were 2-14 when Andrew Luck sits and the Rams have to start out with a win at home to try and break the culture of losing. Whether it is Tolzien or Brissett, the Rams defense led by Wade Phillips will be too much either way, even without Aaron Donald. Cooper Kupp and Sammy Watkins make Jared Goff look great in his season debut and Gurley will get his chances here and there. Rams prevail and get above .500.

Rams Win, 24-17


No Andrew Luck, no Ryan Kelly, and no Vontae Davis. The Colts are literally without their two best players in Davis and Luck, and arguably one of their top 5 in Kelly. The Rams have no choice but to win this game. When they win people will say the Colts we're wounded. But it's alot better than people's saying they can't even beat a wounded Colts team.

Rams Win, 27-10

The Rams Report

This is a very, very winnable game for the Rams. No Andrew Luck, Ryan Kelly, or Vontae Davis for the Colts. This is a great chance for the defense to start off strong, and an equally great chance for Jared Goff to do just that. I'm confident that the Wade Phillips led D will more than handle Scott Tolzein, and Jared Goff will do enough to win. It'll be a good way to start off the Sean McVay era.

Rams Win, 17-7

Joey Aucoin

Rams Win, 24-6

Sosa Kremenjas

First, you’ve gotta start with the Andrew Luck-less Colt. That means the Rams will likely see Phil... err, I mean, Scott Tolzien, and that’s a major boost to a starting defense learning a new system and likely without their best player (Aaron Donald). The Colts also lack any semblance of a running game. the Rams defense can basically shift all focus to T.Y. Hilton.

Luckily, the good luck doesn’t end there for the Rams. The Colts have one of the worst defenses in the entire league - if not the worst - which should help Jared Goff and Co. start the season on the right foot.

Rams Win, 24-13


I'm predicting a win for the LA Rams. The Indianapolis Colts will be without their starting QB, C, and primary corner. They're depleted. If they "new look" Rams cannot get the W, it will be just the beginning of a very long season.

Rams Win, 17-10

Charlie Hiller

Rams Win, 20-16

But if there was ever to be a 2-0 game, this would be it....


If all goes well, the Rams should win their first game 20-17. McVay will have some tricks up his sleeve that he has not shown this preseason, and I'd have to think that new WR Sammy Watkins has had time to catch up in the new playbook. The Rams' defense should be able to attack Scott Tolzien and force (the ageless wonder) Frank Gore to carry the load. My only concern? Which Jared Goff will we get?

Rams Win, 20-17


The Colts are one injury away from grabbing people off the street to play in this game. Meanwhile the Rams show up with the likes of Todd Gurley, Pharoh Cooper, Cooper Kupp, Greg Everett and Tyler Higbee. The defense shows up with almost all of their starters, minus a ping pong god. But it’s the Rams so history says playing an easy team should be the most difficult thing in the world. I am giving them the win because Andrew Luck is dead.

Rams Win, 21-17

Seattle Rams

Sean McBae and Son of Bum had me at “Scott Tolzien”. I am going to go all in on the We Not Me Kool-Aid and take the Rams 24-10.

Rams Win, 24-10


Philly Roughshod and the boys just aren’t enough to beat the Rams this week. Injuries and a Wade Phillips defense will be too much to overcome. The Rams offense won’t look great but they’ll do well enough to secure a comfortable win in the season opener.

Rams Win, 23-13

Tevin Broner

With Andrew Luck being out for this game that basically hands the Rams a W. If the offense struggles or the defense doesn’t look well, it’s time to buckle up for another long season in LA.

Rams Win, 28-13

Eric Nagel

This isn’t so much a prediction, but a feeling. I don’t know if the Rams are ready yet - they have a completely new scheme and have overhauled many starting positions with new players. Donald is holding out and multiple players had very limited time in the preseason. Everyone will be rusty. I’m a believer in McVay, but I don’t operate on blind faith. If the Rams can win games they are expected to easily (it’s been awhile), I’ll change my tune pretty quickly.

Colts Win, 24-21


Rams win, 20-13

Brandon Bate

Despite thinking the Rams could very easily SOSAR this game, it's hard for me to picture them losing a home game to a beat up Colts team. I don't expect the Rams' offense to be firing on all cylinders in Week 1, and I don't expect to see Aaron Donald either. Despite it all, I think they'll be able to do enough to chalk one up in the win column on Sunday.

Rams Win, 23-17

Sean Wilkinson

Wade Phillips’ defense is going to dominate Scott Tolzien.
Sean McVay will guide the offense to multiple TDs.
Bones’ special teams units are consistently among the best in the NFL.

Go big or go home.

Rams Win 27-0