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Indianapolis Colts vs LA Rams: 5 Rams to Watch

These Rams are the ones to watch on Sunday as we kickoff the 2017 season.

Los Angeles Rams v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The time is upon us. The regular season is here for the Los Angeles Rams and they have a matchup with the injury depleted Indianapolis Colts to kickoff Sean McVay’s career at home in the Coliseum. These are the Rams I’m watching this Sunday.

RB Todd Gurley

The Rams offense gets a prime week one matchup to kickoff 2017. I had to look up actual Colts players on defense and I’m still not even sure who plays. I expect a heavy dose of Gurley throughout the game to try and get Jared Goff to 3rd and manageable downs. Todd is another player that is looking to prove that all the Rams needed was some new guidance to unleash their offensive potential. With a reshuffled offensive line and new pass weapons, there should be enough surrounding support for Gurley to finally break free again and set the tone for this season.

EDGE Robert Quinn

It’s been awhile since we saw the version of Quinn that once recorded 19 sacks in one season. Injuries have plagued Robert over the past two seasons and now will be standing up more in Wade Phillip’s defense as an edge rusher. We have yet to really see how he will adjust because he’s been absent for most of preseason work. We know how good Quinn is when healthy and his athleticism is top notch but Sunday is the beginning of a crucial season for him in proving that his best days aren’t well behind him. He has a favorable matchup in going up against Anthony Castonzo.

DE Ethan Westbrooks

Injuries and a very short but elite sized absence has propelled Westbrooks into the spotlight this season. In years past Ethan has been strictly a super sub but now is forced into starter snaps and minutes with Dom Easley out for the year and Aaron Donald still wondering how many deli shops in Pittsburgh he could buy with all the money he will eventually get. Westbrooks is a skilled rusher but it still remains to be seen if he can take on the added snaps and workload of a DE in a 3-4 system. With Philly Roughshod at the helm, the Colts may try to pound the ball on the ground early and see where it takes them. Westbooks is on the big stage now.

WR Cooper Kupp

Something tells me the first Jared Goff pass will be heading in Kupp’s direction. I’m sure every Rams fan that has paid attention to the preseason is eager to see how Kupp fits in when the real games start. His game plays in this offense and it didn’t take long for him to become a favorite target for Goff. The Rams don’t have Kupp listed as one of their top 3 WRs on the depth chart but that depth chart can get lost. Kupp fever could get to smoldering new heights by the end of this week.

QB Jared Goff

The best for last. When the Rams take on the Colts, Jared Goff will be the best QB on the field. Would have any human on this earth if you told them that two months ago. Goff has a chance to hit the reset button under Sean McVay and get off to a fast start with new weapons Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Gerald Everett, and Josh Reynolds. All the while being protected by new LT Andrew Whitworth. The situation Goff finds himself in for this week is as ideal as anyone could ever come up with. Home opener, new start, bad defense, no number one CB in Vontae Davis. Based off all the offseason reports we’ve been fed by the team and media alike, Goff should breakout this Sunday. We will see.