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NFL Power Rankings Have Los Angeles Rams In Bottom Looking Up At Rest Of League

Yet again, the Rams enter the NFL season as one of the league’s worst teams according to the power rankings.

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Los Angeles Rams WR Pharoh Cooper Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Here we are again. The Los Angeles Rams are set to open their 2017 regular season campaign. And as the power rankings come in, Rams fans are forced to face the annual rite of reaffirming that these guys “don’t know what they’re talking about” or that “they’re going to look so stupid when they’re wrong.”

It’s tradition.

Today, we’ve already got four major power rankings out. I’ll update this piece as the other major rankings are made available as we track these every week.

But yeah, screw these guys.

SB Nation: 25th 29th (27th in previous rankings)

The Rams, for all their door dings and cracked engine blocks, have an incredible opportunity to open the season. First, they'll face the Andrew Luck-less Colts at home. After dodging one of the better quarterbacks in the game, they will have to face one in Kirk Cousins -- but the Redskins QB is still trying to mesh with his new offensive teammates, and that game is also in Los Angeles. Thus, the Rams could be 2-0. Then L.A. plays at S.F., another winnable game. It's a trip to Dallas in the following week, and the Cowboys could be missing Ezekiel Elliott. Maybe by the time the Rams see the Seahawks in Week 5, A) The light bulb will have come on for Jared Goff, and B) Aaron Donald will be on the field, playing lights out.

Yahoo! Sports: 25th (28th)

The Rams couldn’t ask for a better spot in Week 1, catching the Colts without quarterback Andrew Luck and cornerback Vontae Davis. And it’s a home game for the Rams. If they can’t win that, it’ll be a long season.

USA Today: 24th (28th)

QB Matthew Stafford said he wanted to "outplay" his contract after becoming league's highest-paid player. A good first step: Leading Lions back to playoffs and getting first postseason win since 1991 season.