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Los Angeles Rams At Dallas Cowboys: Injury Report Takes A Positive Turn

Sounds like the Rams offense should be pretty close to if not at full power

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With the Los Angeles Rams closing in on a week four match-up against the Dallas Cowboys, the last stage of preparation for the team was a clean slate of health, and it seems they might have lucked out:

That is terrific news for a team very reliant on the big play and a high scoring offense for wins. Sammy Watkins seems to finally have developed a real rapport with QB Jared Goff, and I look forward to that connection to keep growing. I cannot stress how important it is for Sammy Watkins to stay healthy, but let me try:

Oh, Tavon Austin will be back, too..

For even more great news, it seems John Sullivan has returned to practice and is getting some time in on the practice field as well after missing Wednesday’s practice with a hip injury.

If that’s not enough good news, here’s the Cowboys injury report (note: Sean Lee has now missed consecutive days of practice):