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Los Angeles Rams At San Francisco 49ers: Highlights And Lowlights In The Bounceback Win

What a time to be alive, the Rams bounce back from their first loss with a major win

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After a week where all the talk was about young Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay facing his former team and mentor, the Rams had to travel to a division rivals home on a short week to try and rebound from a tough loss - and that’s exactly what they did. The Rams had plenty of memorable and not-so-memorable plays from Thursday Night, but let’s hop into the two that stood out the most.


The lowlight, which is funny because the highlight is practically the same thing just for the other sideline, was a Brian Hoyer to Pierre Garcon 59-yard bomb that was caught on the 5-yard line. Not only did Trumaine Johnson simply get burned and trip at the top of the route, but this play had major ramifications (no pun intended). The score at this point was 41-26 with only 6:35 left on the clock, it looked like the game was basically on ice and the Rams could essentially relax and go home - but nope. The very first play of the drive they allow the 49ers to get right back into the game, and though they were lucky enough to still finish the game with a win, that play could have really costed them a lot more.


The main highlight for me, and what I’ve been dying to see, was definitely the 47-yard bomb from QB Jared Goff to WR Sammy Watkins. It was truly a thing of beauty, and the reason the Rams moved a valuable asset for an elite WR. Goff dropped back with a defensive lineman baring down on him, and let go of a nice lob over-head of a Sammy Watkins who was running a simple vert. His release off the line of scrimmage was pretty, his ability to separate quickly and effectively was a thing to see, and most impressive, Sammy tracked the ball over his head turning from his right shoulder to his left, all while managing to stay in bounds, secure the catch, and avoid multiple defenders. This is just what this offense needs more of!