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2017 Rams Recap Reaction: Week 3 Ups and Downs

A win is a win. Worry about the problems tomorrow.

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams find a way to hang on against the San Francisco 49ers with a thrilling 41-39 win on Thursday Night Football. Not only did the Rams overcome serious special teams miscues (offsides on punt leading to touchdown, muffed punt on own 10, fumble on kickoff return, failed onside kick recovery), but they also find ways to win with weird scoring totals.

This was the Rams offense game. Todd Gurley and Jared Goff had their arguably best games of their respective young careers. Gurley was a monster from the beginning, scoring his first of three touchdowns of the game within 12 seconds of gametime.

Gurley so far in this young season has shown remarkable improvement in the passing game, being a dynamic checkdown option for Jared Goff as he continues to grow and develop.

Speaking of Jared Goff, he finished with a 92.3 QBR (50 is average) and a 145.8 rating. In addition, Goff is starting to get more and more comfortable, being able to audible and make decisive reads on RPO (run - pass option) plays.

Let’s hope for continued performances like last night.

With Goff slinging the football all over the field and having ample time, you can easily point to the rock at left tackle, veteran Andrew Whitworth. In addition, Austin Blythe stepped in admirably with Jonathan Sullivan getting hurt.

(Note: Austin Blythe is not a rookie.)

With all the offensive production in the air and ground, the Rams also saw their pair of former Buffalo Bills receivers have a performance that Rams fans haven’t seen in over a decade.

Who could have the foresight to see the Rams offense score so many peoples, granted against the weak part of their schedule.

On the defensive side. Whoo boy.

Troy Hill came back from his suspension to play a ton of snaps immediately.

Oddly, Ethan Westbrooks saw a significant reduction in snaps with Aaron Donald increasing his workload. However, the good news is that it seems that Tanzel Smart is a gem for the Phillips defense, earning more and more snaps.

I won’t continue to hash on the defense as the personnel has been somewhat limited for Wade’s inaugural campaign. Look for the offseason to really focus on getting this defense right, especially in the back seven.

All in all, the Rams are buying into the new regime’s philosophy. Todd Gurley has gone from calling his own team a “middle school” level team to now preaching on buying in.

Last but not least, this may have been the best Thursday Night Football ever.