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Los Angeles Rams At San Francisco 49ers: What The Rams Need To Do To Win

Its Niner Week!

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images


The Los Angeles Rams, coming off a loss to Washington, play the San Francisco 49ers in a Thursday night “color rush” match-up in Week 3 as their first away game under Head Coach Sean McVay.

Since McVay’s dad used to be employed by the Niners, he must have a keen understanding the importance of what’s at stake.

It doesn’t matter if the Niners win a Super Bowl as long as the Rams win one of the two games in a head-to-head matchup that season—it’s been a good year for the Rams, regardless of our record.

The Niners are the enemy of the Rams. A long-storied rivalry going back to the days when the Rams moved west from Cleveland and the 49ers were brought into the league to be a natural rival to our team from the south, this isn’t about the won/loss record.

It’s about pride.

It’s about beating a team Los Angeles Rams fans can’t stand.

Putting the game into the appropriate setting even when the 49ers were winning Super Bowls with Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Ronnie Lott, Rams’ fans knew in their heart the 49ers stunk. And when Jim Harbaugh was taking the Niners to another Super Bowl they still stunk—that’s why they lost that one to the Ravens. Whoops almost had it. Ha ha!

As Rams’ fans know, the Niners will always be a terrible team.

They’ve never had an offense or defense and if the game is on the line they’re guaranteed to miss the game winning field goal; ensuring a Ram victory.

They have the most overrated dynasty in football history with that “West Coast Offense” designed by Bill Walsh.

When 49er fans say that Joe Montana was better than Tom Brady or compare Jerry Rice to Jim Brown. This is insanity because Niners’ fans are certifiably ridiculous when it comes to what every Rams fan knows isn’t true...and not even close.

In typical 49er fashion, San Francisco can’t even get the grass to grow right in their new stadium. Kisar was a better place for this team to play, which was next to a garbage dump. Watching the game in Los Angeles, Rams’ fans loved the pigeons flying around the end zone as John Brodie went down in a heap caused by another Deacon Jones sack.

Years later the Niners moved to Candlestick Park home of the Giants baseball team. Even though Candlestick was an upgrade as a baseball stadium, it was still a place undeserving of such a rotten franchise.

The 49ers should have stayed next to the trash.

There’s nothing to like about the Niners. Nothing, except Jed York is a Rams’ fans dream—a Georgia Frontiere clone.

How Do The Rams Go Onto Victory?

This is simple—just score more points.

Nevertheless, just winning the game is not enough for diehard Rams’ fans.

If the Rams score 54 points and shut out the Niners that’s just “Okay, McVay.”

And, if the Rams score more than 73 points to break the NFL record, that’s still not enough gratification for diehard Rams’ fans.

Score 100. Now were talking.

On defense it’s simple—crush those NoCal, no line, no QB, no WR’s, no RB’s wearing the ugliest uniform in the NFL.

Make clean hits and tackles so hard the Niners see stars coming off the Golden Gate Bridge from their face masks. Pick-off every pass as if they were actually a designed play for the Rams.

This is what rivalry games are all about and if for some inexplicable reason at the end of the game the scoreboard indicates that the Niners have more points then Rams—it didn’t happen.

Losing to the Niners would be like Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump, it had to be rigged and the NFL needs to undertake a thorough investigation for cheating. Take ’em to Court!

If there’s one game the Rams must win during any season, not because the Rams have a better team (as they always have), it has to be this one against those hated Niners.

Leave it all out on the field and victory will be ours!