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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Washington: Week 2 Recap Reaction

The Rams fell short in a game they didn’t deserve to win.

Washington at Los Angeles Rams
Washington at Los Angeles Rams
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams looked a bit shook in the first half of their game against the Washington Football Franchise. While many felt the Rams looked much improved so far in 2017, glimpses of SOSAR and Jeff Fisher Rams poked through.

The Rams can’t seem to break the glass ceiling. They haven’t won consistently enough to even get to 8-8 in a long time. Moving to Los Angeles doesn’t help either, the fans won’t come out if the team is not consistently good.

Continuing on the negative train for now, the Rams defense looked absolutely horrendous. Chris Thompson had three carries for 77 yards and two touchdowns while Rob Kelley had 12 carries for 78 yards. Combined, the trio of Thompson, Kelley, and Samaje Perine had 36 carries for 222 yards.

Save for injuries to Jordan Reed and Kelley, the Rams defense was in for an extremely long day but thankfully the team has a renewed sense of being able to fight and stay in games, despite circumstances being stacked against them.

Todd Gurley had one of the best games of his career. Considering he failed to get 100 yards in a game since 2015, it was nice to see Gurley producing on the ground and air, contributing for 88 rushing yards, 48 receiving yards, and two touchdowns.

Even Gurley is starting to buy into the new Rams culture. Once openly calling the offense a “middle school team”, now it seems that Gurley is all in on “Team, Not Me”.

Thankfully, the rookie offensive weapons have continued to impress. Cooper Kupp came back down to earth and Gerald Everett had a mini breakout game. Josh Reynolds even caught a ball on a fake punt giving the Rams renewed life.

Looking forward to next week, a short one with the Rams traveling to face the San Francisco 49ers, the Rams must figure out a way to fix their run defense as they hope to contain Carlos Hyde. Hyde just had a monster game against the Seattle Seahawks and looks to put two good games together in a row. Hopefully, the Rams will actually fix it this time around.