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Los Angeles Rams Week 2 2017 Broadcast Map

Here's who's getting the Rams-Washington game on their local broadcast channel.

Per 506 Sports, here’s the late FOX broadcast map for Week 2:

Week 2 Broadcast Map
Week 2 Broadcast Map
506 Sports

Non-pictured market coverage: Anchorage, AK - 49ers at Seahawks; Fairbanks, AK - 49ers at Seahawks; Honolulu, HI - Cowboys at Broncos

There’s less broadcast competition this week compared to last when the Rams were part of a six-game CBS map. This week, FOX has a four-game early slate followed by this late trio in which the Rams enjoy a very, very small audience across America.

The Rams have a familiar sliver of SoCal with Santa Barbara but without San Diego, Fresno or Bakersfield. Washington carries D.C. proper, most of Virginia and most of Maryland, and slices of West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

And that’s it.

Up against a major franchise combination of the Cowboys and Broncos and an NFC West battle up in Seattle, the Rams were always certain to look a small share of the country, but this is pretty telling as to how compelling the Rams are as a draw for the average off-site fan.

Nothing to consider next week as the Rams will be on national television on Thursday Night Football against the 49ers.