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Rams-Washington: TST Staff Win-Loss Predictions

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The Los Angeles Rams look to follow their Week 1 victory with another, but they face a tougher test in Washington. The TST staff takes their best stab at what will happen on Sunday

Go Rams

Rams Win, 27-3


I got this as one of the more interesting games the Rams will play this year. Not just the story line of student vs teacher (McVay vs Gruden) but the fact that the offenses are the same. One has to believe in an attempt to switch things up both coaches will reach deep into their playbook memory banks to throw the other off a bit. I think both defenses are too good for a shootout but the offenses should do well enough to make this an interesting game. Probably will be a slow first quarter, but a back forth seems imminent. This has the makings of a good game, not just a good storyline, but good because of the story line.

Washington Win 27-23

Tevin Broner

I think the Rams defense will be the deciding factor. It will be interesting to see if Gurley responds well this week as well. Regardless if the Rams offense is solid the defense will do enough so that they win

Rams Win 21-17

Elijah Kim

The Rams look to host the 0-1 Washington team. With Wade Phillips going against his son’t tight end group and Jay Gruden going against his former understudy, look for an interesting coaching battle during the game. while the Washington and Kirk Cousins looked great a year ago, McVay will likely try to show shy he was ready for the next challenge as the head coach. Look for Goff and the offense to struggle a bit more than they did against the Colts while Kirk Cousins and Rob Kelly will be a more formidable attack on the Rams defense. In the end, the better quarterback (for now) hangs on to win.

Washington Wins, 24-21

Sergey Konyshev

Rams defense and lack of turnovers on offense are the two reasons the Rams win. The score is closer than it will be, a garbage time from TD from Cousins to Pryor puts Washington within 4. Gurley doesn’t have a great game, but about 100 yards from scrimmage. Goff has a modest game (250 yards, 1 TD, 65% completion), but as I mentioned, lack of turnovers is the story.

Defense: 4 sacks, constant pressure, 2 INTs (one sets up a short field for a score). This is week 2, still hard to give these Rams an identity this early, but a good enough offense and great defense/ST should be enough for a win

Rams Win, 28-24

Joey Aucoin

Coach McVay is going to be one step ahead of Washington all game, using his new weapons to perfection. I feel that Jared Goff and TE Gerald Everett are going to run all over Washington’s D.

Rams Win 35-7

Sosa Kremenjas

The Rams get their star player back in Aaron Donald, but expect him to be eased in. This game to me is going to be all about the trenches. If the Rams pass protection does well and keeps Goff upright, he’ll likely deal and put up enough points to knock the Washington off. Also, the Rams front 7 is really going to need to ramp it up and convert more sacks against Kirk Cousins.

Rams Win, 24-20


The Rams exceeded expectations last week against the Colts, but Indy is horrible. The Washington team has a bunch better defense. It will not be easy throwing against Josh Norman, especially when Ryan Kerrigan is coming at Jared Goff. The running game will be nonexistent again, and will continue to be so until Todd Gurley can show some sort of vision, the ability to cut a run back outside and not just run into the backs of his lineman.

The defense will still be bright, but it will not be enough to overcome the offense’s crash back to earth.

Washington Wins, 17-10

Charlie Hiller

Aaron Donald records a sack but his impact goes beyond the stat sheet. Touchdowns are from Kupp and Goff rush. Kirk Cousins is shown crying on the sideline while holding a picture of Sean McVay in Washington attire.

Rams Win, 23-10


Washington has a stout run-defense and Todd Gurley needs someone to escort him in and out of the Rams facility every day because he can’t find a hole. This means Jared Goff and the Rams O-line needs to be on their A-game once again. The Washington pass rush had Carson Wentz dead to rights several times, but only had 2 sacks because Wentz is athletic. Goff is not. Stay in the clear pocket, throw it deep, go 2-0. Harder than it sounds.

Rams Win, 27-17

Seattle Rams

I picked the Rams to win this game in our TST staff season prediction roundtable, so I am going to stick with that plan and hope that the 45K people in the stand will be enough to push the good guys over the top. Todd Gurley busts a big run in this one, sealing a close Rams victory.

Rams Win, 20-17


After completely slaughtering the hapless Colts, the Rams get an actual test this week at home. Or so we think.

Washington is vulnerable right now and their defense isn’t the toughest challenge, even if they do have some sort of inside info on what McVay does. That said, this is Goff’s first big test of the season. He passed the quiz last week but each week is a new challenge. I think the Rams defense answers the bell against cousins, Todd Gurley finally breaks 70 yards again(!) and Goff takes another encouraging step in a very close Rams win.

Rams Win, 24-22

Eric Nagel

I doubted McVay last week. Washington is better, but I bet he wants this one a little more.

Rams Win, 31-17


Washington wins, 24-16

Brandon Bate

Washington will eventually bounce back from their sluggish start to the 2017 season, but I don't see it happening after a coast-to-coast flight from D.C. to LA. The Rams get Aaron Donald back this week; strengthening a defense that impressed in Week 1. And if the Rams can get the ground game going, while building upon last week's success through the air, taking care of business at home for a second straight week shouldn't be an issue.

Rams Win, 30-20

Sean Wilkinson

The Rams aren’t going to dominate like they did last week, Washington is just flat-out better than the Colts. But Sean McVay is going to have a chip on his shoulder and have his squad ready to roll. Oh, and there’s this Aaron Donald guy too. I hear he’s pretty good....

Rams Win, 27-17


The Rams started off with a bang vs. the depleted Colts, but a win is a win. I expect the Rams to come back to Earth a bit in this game.

Rams Win, 17-14