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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Washington Bold Predictions: Coach McVay Becomes McSlay

Get your popcorn, Rams fans! Jared Goff and the Rams’ elite defense are about to show the NFL that they are ready for prime time.

St Louis Rams v Washington Redskins Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

In the all the talk about the Los Angeles Rams’ impressive win over the Indianapolis Colts last week, the fact that the Rams offense was so entertaining got lost in the shuffle a bit. No one considers a blowout to be “exciting,” but that doesn’t mean the Rams didn’t put on a show.

I see more of the same this Sunday as the Rams to continue their dominating performance when they host Washington in the McVay Bowl. This game is going to be all Rams, all the time.

So, let’s get bold with some predictions:

Coach McVay will show no mercy, earning the nickname McSlay

Sean McVay has been thinking about this game all summer, ever since they announced it. This is going to be a personal statement by the young coach, proving to his old team and to the NFL that he belongs at the head coach’s table. I strongly believe that he has several tricks up his sleeve, putting the Washington defense on their heels. Look for the Rams to ring up 35 points while giving up just one touchdown.

OLB Robert Quinn is going to sack Kirk Cousins 4 times

After a great game in the season opener, Robert Quinn is continue to eat up the opposing offense, this time setting his sights on RT Morgan Moses. Suffering from a terrible game in their week 1 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Moses gave up three sacks — I’m predicting that Quinn will deliver more of the same, earning himself the NFL Defensive Player of the Week award (making the honor go to another Ram in consecutive weeks).

150+ yards for WR Sammy Watkins on 12 receptions and 2 touchdowns

This is going to be a defining moment for the Los Angeles Rams franchise. The ultimate statement game. And nothing makes a statement better than the new #1 receiver having a superstar-esque game. Also, look for rookie TE Gerald Everett to make the highlight reel with some spectacular after the catch effort.

Jared Goff will have the best game of his career

This kid is just going to keep getting better under the guidance of his new coaches. Going into week 3, QB Jared Goff will be the highest rated QB in the league after scorching Washington for 350 passing yards, 4 TDs, and no interceptions. That prediction was a hell of lot bolder during the offseason, but now it’s just optimistic -- which shows what a difference a convincing win can make.

Everyone’s favorite holdout, DT Aaron Donald, will have a quiet game

I don’t see Aaron Donald playing too much of a factor in the game. His statements about his playing time have been measured and it seems like he still needs some time to fit in with DC Wade Phillips’ 3-4 defense. That being said, I think he’ll play, but I’m not looking for him to dominate like his usual self. He’ll be disruptive as usual, but I predict that he will only add one assisted tackle to his stat sheet.

The narrative coming out of this game is going to be all about Coach Sean McVay. He has a lot to prove against his former team and he’s going to deliver and then some. The McSlay era begins!

The LA Rams bandwagon will start filling up, so make sure you save your seats.

Rams win, 35-7.