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Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins Conference Call

Take a look at what Kirk Cousins had to say about his former OC

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskin Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins:

(On what ways he feels like Rams Head Coach Sean McVay aided his development in Washington)

“Well, being our play caller and our offensive coordinator, he had as big a role in my development as anybody. This is the first year in the NFL that I’ve not been able to work with him because he’s been on the staff every year of my career with the Redskins. I have a lot of respect for him and am grateful for the role that he played, which is a very large role in my development.”

(On how McVay makes life easy on the quarterback)

“Well, I think he does a good job all week long, working really hard, putting in long hours and really having an intent for every play that he calls. He’s not just spinning a rolodex and picking a play out at random. He really has a reason and intention for every play he calls and he’s designed those plays during the week for a specific reason. He’s not just drawing them up in the dirt and hoping they work. There’s an intention there and a mastery of football that enables him to design those plays. Ultimately, players have to execute them, but he does a really good job with the design, the scheme and then he has to communicate it to the players. You know, those plays are no good if you don’t have the ability to transfer it to the players and he does a good job all week installing, teaching and communicating in such a way that the players understand their job and they do it.”

(On what exactly makes McVay an exceptional play caller)

“I think he’s a quick thinker, he’s got a sharp mind. He’s highly organized. He’s a good communicator. All those things play a role in being a strong play caller. As to what sets him apart the most, hard to say. I think when you can have all those abilities in one, not many people have that in one package. He also has a lot of presence up front, so when he communicates to the team or to the offense, people are listening. And, they follow what he’s saying and they get behind him because of the presence he carries himself with.”

(On if he noticed a difference from when McVay first started play calling to the end of their time together in Washington)

“I think he improved. I think he was very sharp and on top of it from the start. But, in 2014, I think there was a lot that was new, with a new head coach and I think we were all trying to understand how it was going to work. I think 2014 was a bit of a trial by fire and a learning experience for all of us. Then, where Sean really took off was in that offseason of 2015 getting ready for the 2015 season. He just did a really good job of going back to the basics. Having a plan and a reason for everything we did. Organizing the gameplan and the installs and just communicating really well. That carried over through the ‘15 season into the ‘16 season and we were really getting better each year. Thrilled for him that through those positive seasons he was able to transform that into a head coaching opportunity. You always want to see guys that you play with and work with have a chance to move up in this league and certainly that was the case with Sean.”

(On how QB Jared Goff, as a young quarterback, will benefit the most from working with McVay)

“Well, I think Sean has experience working with another young quarterback in myself. He knows what it’s like to try to teach his system to somebody who’s new to the league and new to starting, so this is not the first time around for Sean along those lines and Jared has all the talent in the world, you know with the arm talent and that certainly gives them a great chance then, because that doesn’t limit what Sean can do from a play calling standpoint when Jared has that ability to throw it all over the field. I think with some of the additions they were able to get this offseason and then trade for (WR) Sammy Watkins, it gives them the resources they need to make those plays work. I think when Sean has those tools at his disposal, that’s when he’s really able to be at his best.”

(On if he’s concerned that he’s playing against a staff that knows him and if that presents any challenges for him)

“Sure. We have to be smart and aware that they’re very familiar with our scheme and with our personnel. It is a unique situation, so we have to be aware of that and plan accordingly. In this league that tends to happen week-to-week or year-to-year as people change and move. There’s always people in other buildings that have information or experience that they can share to try to help each end. You just have to try to be a step ahead and have a plan to handle that.”

(On DT Aaron Donald not being present in film from the Rams-Colts game and how that will affect their game planning)

“Well, it’s just going to come down to match-ups where Aaron is such a great player and we have to understand that he can really take over a game and we have to account for him and have a plan to block him in both the run game and the pass game. He’s a great player and we’ll certainly be aware of his presence on the field come Sunday.”

(On his first impression of McVay)

“I remember more or less meeting him when I was drafted. He was the tight ends coach. It was 2012 in the spring, we just start by doing drills on the field. I remember just throwing routes to the wide receivers and tight ends and there was this really, really young guy coaching the tight ends and I thought that’s interesting. I don’t know how old he is, but he can’t be more than 27 years old. I thought that was just unique, because where I had come from at Michigan State – which is all I had known at the time – we didn’t have coaches that were that young, position coaches. We had (Rams offensive coordinator) Matt LaFleur, we had (49ers Head Coach) Kyle Shanahan – all those coaches were young at that time, but they were all sharp. You could see right away, Sean, as he coached the tight ends – not only was he sharp, but he knew his material inside and out. There was a conviction when he taught it that what this guy is saying, not only is correct, but it’s going to help me become a better player. Regardless of his age I think guys listen to him right away and people who were older than him were willing to be coached by him because they respected his knowledge for the game and his desire for them to succeed.”

I think Kirk Cousins really appreciates Sean Mcvay: