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I Watched The Rams Beat Down The Colts With Die-Hard Indianapolis Colts Fan, Actor Drew Powell

What was it like to watch the 46-9 Rams-Colts game from the losing side? Joey texted with a long-time Colts fan and star of Gotham during the game to find out.

I’ve known actor Drew Powell for a handful of years, back when he was acting in one-act plays and short films with my friends. He’s a good dude from Indiana and a hardcore Indianapolis Colts fan.

Anyway, Drew got a rad role in the Fox show Gotham, and now he lives in New York City. Most recently, he had to get ripped because he became a swamp zombie bad guy named Solomon Grundy. It’s a pretty fun show -- you should watch it. Season 4 starts soon!

Since my Los Angeles Rams were playing his Colts, we decided to text each other during the game. We got drunk.

Drew Powell: Go Horse!

Joey Aucoin: Oh boy. You’re pumped for this game.

DP: This game is going to be terrible, unless Goff has ridiculously improved.

JA: You’ve been reading my dream journal.

DP: Got my Colts gear on. Watching the game from a bar in Brooklyn.

JA: I’m at Tom Bergin’s. Nothing says a football game like Irish food!

DP: I miss that place.

JA: So, when Gotham ends, or if it ends, are you gonna move back to LA?

DP: Who knows. All about the jobs, brother.

JA: Not a lot of acting jobs in Indiana, huh?

DP: Not until they make Hoosier 2: Revenge of the Picket Fence!

JA: Do you get to go to many Colts games?

DP: I’m guest of the Colts for their home opener next week, actually.

JA: Dude, being a bad guy on a TV show has its perks.

DP: It does. And I talk a lot about the Colts on Twitter and stuff, so they invited me. I’m pretty excited about it.

JA: Is this where your friendship with QB Andrew Luck begins?

DP: We both wear the same jersey to games. We both had torn labrums. We’re gonna be buds.

JA: Well, he’ll have a lot of time to hang on the sidelines because he’s not playing week 2. (no response from Drew) He’s probably out for the season and they just don’t know it yet. (no response from Drew) When you’re invited as a guest of an NFL team, what’s your access like?

DP: Who knows, man. Upper Deck? I’ll sell hot dogs. I don’t care.

JA: Who moves the rope in Indianapolis? John Cougar Mellencamp?

DP: Mike Epps.

JA: Ooh, that’s a nice Mount Rushmore of Indiana celebs. Who else? Letterman, Larry Bird.

DP: The “shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet” dude from The Wire.

JA: Indiana is rad. OK. The Cooper Kupp show is about to begin! Kickoff!

JA: Did they sign you? The Colts have some spots open. What position you want?

DP: I’ve got my eye on fullback.

JA: Sweet. Every photo of you on Instagram is of you lifting heavy ropes or something equally exhausting. Your role on Gotham has kind of turned you into a fullback!

DP: Yeah, man. I had 7 weeks to get like this with a lot of highly trained trainers.

DP: Go Horse!

JA: You have to stop with the Go Horse. It doesn’t even make sense. Can’t you say Go Horses! It’s just one horse.

DP: Go Horse!

JA: Walked into that one.

After the first series and the Rams kick a field goal...

JA: That was fine. Goff looked OK.

DP: I just want Gore to get like 30 touches today.

JA: Why? Because he’s so old that this might be his last game?

RB Frank Gore runs for two yards

JA: I’ll take 30 touches of this.

CB Trumaine Johnson gets a pick 6.

DP: F*********************K

JA: Tolzien is so bad that maybe that’s good for Luck’s injury. Because no team in their right mind would start this guy if they knew Luck was going to miss serious time. This guy can’t play.

DP: How many games has Goff won again?

JA: He just needed Cooper Kupp. He and Goff are like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

DP: Jared Goff as Meg Ryan makes sense.

Cooper Kupp Catches his touchdown pass

DP: I’m going to break this TV on this bar.

JA: If you hurt your shoulder, you and Luck will have stuff to bond about next week!

DP: We’re making Kupp look like an All-Pro

JA: What are you drinking over there? Indiana is gonna get wasted tonight.

DP: Whiskey.

JA: I’m gonna get a Bloody Mary. This is fun.

DP: This is the opposite of fun.

DP: I’ve been forced to up the dose.

JA: So, most Colts fans live and die on this team. Like, you guys are taking this really hard?

DP: What, like punching walls?

JA: Sports fans in LA aren’t really wall punchers. We go to gastropubs when we’re angry.

The score is 37-3 in the third quarter

DP: Seriously, I’m gonna break the TV on this bar.

JA: Is it more frustrating that the Colts are playing so bad or that the Rams is having their best game in years against them?

DP: When is Luck coming back again?

JA: Dude, I’m worried about your QB situation.

DP: I’m going home. I don’t want the video of me breaking the TV to go viral.

JA: Ah, the actor’s life. Go Horse?

DP: Always Go Horse.

Season Four of Gotham premieres on Thursday, September 21, 8/7c.