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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Indianapolis Colts: Live Open Thread

The McBae Era begins.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago, the Los Angeles Rams returned to LA. The Rams promptly laid a 0-28 egg to the rival San Francisco 49ers in Week 1. A three-game winning streak buoyed by the pomp and circumstance of the first game in the Coliseum, the first NFL game in Los Angeles in more than 20 years, was erased by the eventual decline of the 2016 Los Angeles Rams.

Now, a new coach. A new Week 1 starter. A new Rams?

That's the question laid upon the 2017 Los Angeles Rams.

No longer will Jeff Fisher suffice as the excuse for all failings. Failed execution, poor gameplanning and losses to come will rest on the shoulders of the current front office, coaching staff and roster. Properly played football, successful scheme and Jared Goff's first career win will all be earned by the same triad.

The first opportunity to pick up the latter and avoid the former comes today.

The Indianapolis Colts come to LA hobbled by severe personnel attrition. QB Andrew Luck, CB Vontae Davis, C Ryan Kelly and reserve OL Ian Silberman. What's left is essentially a must-win situation for the Rams.

The Colts opened as three-point favorites. The injuries since have flipped that by a touchdown. The Rams aren't going to be favored to win many games this season. This has been handed to them as a perfect opportunity to start the season off right. Should they fail...well, let's not entertain that thought for now.

The Sean McVay era is here. Jared Goff is leading the team as the starting QB in Week 1 for the first time ever. Andrew Whitworth and Cooper Kupp and Sammy Watkins and Kayvon Webster and Connor Barwin and Gerald Everett and more are all making their debuts as Rams.

It's a new day.

It needs to be.