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Rams Open LA Stadium Premiere Center To Showcase Future Stadium

To help sell out their new stadium and drive ticket sales, the Rams have created an 11,000-sq. ft. showcase that’s impressive as some stadia themselves.

The Los Angeles Rams’ future home in Inglewood is going to be a revolutionary project for modern entertainment and professional sports in the world.

Rams Owner Stan Kroenke is spending $2.6b of his private capital to ensure the stadium, part of a greater entertainment district complex, is a state-of-the-art facility that takes advantage of all the modern capabilities that go into today’s newest stadia.

In order to make sure the Rams can sell a maximum amount of season tickets and the expensive box suites that have the biggest impact on major professional sports franchise ticketing returns, the team opened the LA Stadium Premiere Center just north of Los Angeles International Airport, miles away from the stadium construction. The Center is a showcase that houses a model of the stadium, various experience rooms meant to mimic features of the stadium and immersive features to give those walking through the facility a sense of what the stadium will look and feel like.

The facility is being managed by Chris Hibbs, the former Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Chicago Bears and currently the Chief Revenue Office of Legends, Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones’ NFL marketing company (which is a significant reason Jones was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend). Kroenke hired Jones’ firm to oversee the marketing of the stadium not long after NFL owners approved Kroenke to relocate the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

If this showcase is any indication, the stadium itself is going to be a mind-blowing facility.

The LA Stadium Premiere Center is an invite-only space for those approved by the team to visit.