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Filed under: Is Buying A “Violent” Bounceback Season For LA Rams RB Todd Gurley

Marc Sessler likes the odds of the Rams RB returning to NFL stardom.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

If you’ve been paying attention to Los Angeles Rams coverage lately, you’ve likely heard the excitement coming out of Rams park on RB Todd Gurley. After a miserable 2016 season, he’s ready for a star-studded return. Marc Sessler of is buying on just that his “Buy Or Sell” article today:

Sean McVay sees "violent" Todd Gurley return to Rams

It boils down to who's talking. I wouldn't buy a word of this from Jeff Fisher, the exiled ex-coach who kept his offense in neutral-or-worse during his entire wayward campaign with the Rams. McVay, though, has a track record of flipping the switch on offense and certainly made Gurley's trajectory a core part of his offseason planning. After Gurley's yards-per-carry mark spiraled from 4.8 as a rookie to 3.2 last year, we need to recognize what happened.

Well, Sessler is NOT wrong. Had these words come from Jeff Fisher’s mouth, they’d likely be met with a whole lot of cynicism from Rams fans. New Rams Head Coach Sean McVay, though, has been pretty candid since being hired and is looked at as one of the leagues brightest offensive minds. Rams fans have clearly been excited at the prospects of improving the offense under his oversight this year.

In addition, the Rams invested in improving the offensive line via free agency, chiefly in LT Andrew Whitworth:

McVay and the front office addressed this by replacing draft bust Greg Robinson with three-time Pro Bowl left tackle Andrew Whitworth and adding John Sullivan, the veteran center hoping to start again after two injury-plagued seasons. Sullivan was a standout at the position for Minnesota up until 2015. If McVay can solidify the front five and create more balance with the passing game, Gurley -- whose physical talents were never the issue -- should be in for a bounceback season in La La Land.

Furthermore, Rams QB Jared Goff will finally have some experience under his belt. No longer a clueless rookie being thrown into a fire, he’s going to have a chance to actually take starters reps all offseason and be counted on as “the guy”, comfortably preparing for the role. If he shows that he’s tough enough to bear out the lumps, he could be the anchor for the improving offense that McVay, and Gurley, will need him to be.

Todd has shown to be a dangerous back in this league. Though his game faltered last season, a lot of his struggles can be blamed on outside sources (Fisher, OL, passing game).

For a guy who’s had one great season, and one terrible season, Gurley’s got a chance to prove once again to the league that he is indeed one of the elite RB’s.