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2017 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: August 9 Practice Live Updates Thread

Booster club day! Throwback day!

Los Angeles Rams RB Coach Skip Peete
Los Angeles Rams RB Coach Skip Peete
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

August 9

Practice begins at 4:30pm PT
Autographs: TBD
Giveaway: First 3,500 attendees will get a flag

The Los Angeles Rams are back at training camp today after a day off to rest up for what should be an eventful practice.

The Los Angeles Chargers are coming through for a joint practice with the Rams’ preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys looming on Saturday. It’s Throwback Day. It’s Booster Club Day. And some Rams legends are coming by:


We’re close enough to game action that even the smaller ones matter now. WR Tavon Austin, RB Lance Dunbar, OLB Samson Ebukam, WR Josh Reynolds and TE Johnny Mundt have all missed time recently. With the first game of the regular season against the Indianapolis Colts a month from tomorrow, practice and preseason action is at a premium. The Rams have just six training camp sessions after today. Time on the sideline is time not impressing the new coaching staff.

McVay’s O

Could be an interesting one today. The big talking point here from the weekend’s joint practice between the Rams and Chargers was RB Todd Gurley and his “violent” running. Should be interesting to see if that continues.

Any other standouts will obviously carry some heft heading into the preseason opener, starters or depth.

Wading with Wade

The big question now is whether or not DE Aaron Donald’s holdout will continue. No word on if he and his representation are concerned about losing an accrued season for 2017 should he remain absent into the weekend.

Stay tuned...


This will likely be the dominant theme today with the Chargers on hand. No doubt the Rams booster clubs in attendance are gonna give it to our friendly visitors.

Feel free to hit us up on Twitter or Instagram with any updates if you’re in person.