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Los Angeles Rams At #27 In New Power Rankings

Well, 27th isn’t great...but at least it’s a start.

Los Angeles Rams Introduce Sean McVay - News Conference Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Another day, another power ranking. Honestly, where the Los Angeles Rams land on the list isn’t terrible. Sure, it likely wont make anyone happy if they finished at this spot, but at the same time, for a team who hasn’t played a single down since making many changes this offseason, being ranked #27 isn’t terrible.

Here’s Elliott Harrison’s power rankings for the preseason:

27. Los Angeles Rams:

Head coach Sean McVay has all but gushed about Todd Gurley's running this summer. Don't blame him. While the quarterback/passing-game situation is still in flux, there can be no doubt that McVay and staff will create new avenues for their stud RB to produce. One such avenue will be behind veteran Andrew Whitworth. Besides being All-Pro caliber, the well-over-30-year-old still has quick enough feet.

Well, Harrison isn’t wrong. The addition of Andrew Whitworth will be huge for the offense, and hopefully inspires some solid play from more offensive lineman. As for Todd Gurley, well, all reports so far have been glowing. Gurley’s been zooming left and right and seems to be back to rookie form, but it’s hard to truly judge with no real live football, so that’ll be interesting to watch for Saturday’s game.

Hopefully, with some solid showings in preseason, the Rams can climb these power ranking lists by doing the most important thing of all: piling up some W’s.