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Los Angeles Rams Release Updated Depth Chart - Sans Aaron Donald

Mostly as expected, except for the Defensive Line.....

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams released an *unofficial* depth chart today and it was mostly par for the course. The exception comes in the form of a missing All-Pro DT. Check it out:

If you jump back to the 53-man roster prediction from this afternoon, there are a few minor discrepancies. An Austin Blythe in front of Jake Eldrenkamp here... An Isaiah Johnson in front of John Johnson there.... You can pull all kinds of minor storylines from this, but the big story is what’s NOT listed.

Aaron Donald not being listed at DE opposite from Ethan Westbrooks is a sign that the Rams aren’t expecting Donald to report in the immediate future. We all know it, but I’ll say it anyway. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

The best player to wear the horns since the Greatest Show on Turf isn’t in camp. He’s holding out for a new contract that they can’t give him. Because they tied their hands with Trumaine Johnson, Tavon Austin, and Mark Barron.

The Rams need to get creative. Whether it be restructures, a surprise camp cut, or other methods.... the Rams need to get this deal done or risk their reputation for caring for their own stars taking another hit.