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2017 Los Angeles Rams 53-Man Roster Projection: Training Camp Week 1

There’s been a few shake ups since camp opened. Here’s where the Rams currently stand.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


(2016: 3 kept on initial 53-man roster, 2015: 3, 2014: 2)

2017 Projection: 2

In: Jared Goff, Sean Mannion

Out: Dan Orlovsky

No Longer on Roster: N/A

Change from Last Projection: N/A

Despite what Los Angeles Rams legend Eric Dickerson says, Goff is going to be the starter for 2017. Unless something goes catastrophically wrong for the 2016 #1 overall pick, Mannion will be waiting in the wings.


(2016: 4, 2015: 5, 2014: 5)

2017 Projection: 4

In: Todd Gurley, Malcolm Brown, Lance Dunbar, Aaron Green

Out: Justin Davis, De’Mard Llorens, Lenard Tillery

No Longer on Roster:

Change from Last Projection: N/A

Dunbar found himself on the PUP this week and that’s not good for the former Cowboy. I still think he makes the team, but his spot doesn’t seem as secure as it did a few short weeks ago.

Todd Gurley was a “violent runner” in the Rams joint practice with the Chargers this weekend and Malcolm Brown is making a push for Dunbar’s snaps. That may make space for one of the other three to push Dunbar out, though that is an unlikely scenario at this point.


(2016: 7, 2015: 6, 2014: 5)

2017 Projection: 6

In: Robert Woods, Tavon Austin, Pharoh Cooper, Cooper Kupp, Josh Reynolds, Nelson Spruce

Out: C.J. Germany, Justin Thomas, K.D Cannon, Paul McRoberts, Shakeir Ryan, Brandon Shippen

Suspended: Mike Thomas

No Longer on Roster: Bradley Marquez

Change from Last Projection: Marquez WAIVED

In somewhat of a surprise move, Marquez was waived today, opening a spot for a swathe of youngsters to compete for. Ultimately, I think all of them fall a bit flat and the Rams use that slot elsewhere until Thomas returns from his suspension.


(2016: 4, 2015: 3, 2014: 5)

2017 Projection: 4

In: Tyler Higbee, Temarrick Hemingway, Gerald Everett, Sam Rogers

Out: Cory Harkey, Travis Wilson, Johnny Mundt

No Longer on Roster: Zach Laskey WAIVED

Change from Last Projection: N/A

Leaving Harkey out is painful for me, but the Rams seem ready to replace him with Rogers.


(2016: 10, 2015: 10, 2014: 9)

2017 Projection: 9

In: Andwer Whitworth, Rodger Saffold, John Sullivan, Rob Havenstein, Jamon Brown, Andrew Donnal, Cody Wichmann, Jake Eldrenkamp, Alex Kozan

Out: Darrell Williams, Pace Murphy, Parker Collins, Michael Dunn, Austin Blythe

No Longer on Roster: N/A

Change from Last Projection: N/A

There is a lot of wiggle room with the last two spots here. I’ll stick with 3k’s prediction here as I have nothing to base any changes off of. This will become much clearer once the Rams get a preseason game or two under their belt.


(2016: 8, 2015: 8, 2014: 10)

2017 Projection: 7

In: Aaron Donald, Ethan Westbrooks, Michael Brockers, Louis Trinca Pasat, Mike Purcell, Tanzel Smart, Matt Longacre

Out: Morgan Fox, Cashaud Lyons, Omarius Bryant, A.J. Jefferson, Casey Sayles

No Longer on Roster:

Change from Last Projection: Dominique Easley IR, Smart IN, Longacre IN

Easley’s injury throws a wrench into the plans here. I think the Rams will take the quantity over quality approach for the time being - especially given the Aaron Donald situation and Brockers not quite being 100%.


(2016: 5, 2015: 6, 2014: 5)

2017 Projection: 8

In: Robert Quinn, Connor Barwin, Alec Ogletree, Mark Barron, Samson Ebukam, Josh Forrest, Bryce Hager, Ejuan Price

Out: Cassanova McKinzy, Carlos Thompson, Nic Grigsby, Cory Littleton, Kevin Davis, Folarin Orimolade, Andy Mulumba

No Longer on Roster: N/A

Change from Last Projection: N/A

Same as the OL. I have no reason to shuffle the back end of this around until some preseason snaps are taken. Not saying that it won’t change, just not yet.


(2016: 5, 2015: 4, 2014: 6)

2017 Projection: 5

In: Trumaine Johnson, E.J. Gaines, Kaybon Webster, Nickell Robey-Coleman, Michael Jordan

Out: Troy Hill, Blake Countess, Kevin Peterson, Aarion Penton

No Longer on Roster: N/A

Change from Last Projection: N/A

With the first four spots fairly locked in, the battle to watch here is between Jordan and Hill. Hill played well enough to earn four starts for a banged up secondary last season. It’s not going to be a surprise if he beats out Jordan for the last CB spot.


(2016: 4, 2015: 5, 2014: 4)

2017 Projection: 5

In: Lamarcus Joyner, Maurice Alexander, Cody Davis, John Johnson, Marqui Christian

Out: Isaiah Johnson, Dominique Hatfield

No Longer on Roster: N/A

Change from Last Projection: N/A

Similar to the CBs, the first four are a lock. Christian looks to ride a similar path as DL Ethan Westbrooks - the stud D-II player who carves out a role in the NFL. He may have to excel at special teams to get that shot.....


(2016: 3, 2015: 3, 2014: 3)

2017 Projection: 3

In: Greg Zuerlein, Johnny Hekker, Jake McQuaide

Out: N/A

No Longer on Roster: N/A

Change from Last Projection: N/A

Talk about a group being locked in.

Practice Squad

RB Lenard Tillery, WR Brandon Shippen, WR Paul McRoberts, TE Johnny Mundt, OT Michael Dunn, DE A.J. Jefferson, OLB Cory Littleton, LB Nic Grigsby, CB Kevin Peterson, S Dominique Hatfield


Offense: 25, Defense: 25, Special Teams: 3

(2016: 28/22/3, 2015: 27/23/3, 2014: 26/24/3)

Things are still shaking out, but we’re seeing little nuggets pop up after each practice that help us solve the puzzle that is the Rams 53-man roster.

There’s still a lot of work to do for McVay and the Rams, but it’s exciting to see some of the differences between his methodology and Jeff Fisher’s.

We’re less than a week away from the preseason opener. Don’t expect much from the starters, but the back end of this roster is going to be a whole lot more defined when we take a look at it next week.