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2017 Los Angeles Rams Roster Bubble Update: Training Camp Week 1

With plenty of injuries at the top of the roster, the guys fighting for a job are getting increased work. Here’s a look at who’s on the bubble.

Los Angeles Rams WR Paul McRoberts
Los Angeles Rams WR Paul McRoberts
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the Los Angeles Rams continue training camp after losing a key player in Dominique Easley, the roster has continued to change and morph. To respond, the Rams signed two more receivers after placing Easley on injured reserve and releasing injured fullback Zach Laskey.

In fact, the Rams continue to search for a deep threat, as they signed K.D. Cannon from Baylor who has been on not one, not two, but three teams during his short tenure in the league.

And that is who we begin with as we dive into a handful of fringe players who are making an impact so far, starting with many wide receivers looking to make an impact.

WR K.D. Cannon

Cannon comes from Baylor and has already been on three teams during this offseason. Allegedly not “trying hard” in practice with the 49ers, he was cut to only go to the Jets for a New York second and now trying to latch on as a deep threat with the Rams.

Cannon boasted two career 1,000 yard receiving seasons at Baylor and as the Rams look for their deep threat, maybe Cannon has a chance to stick with Josh Reynolds nursing an injury.

WR Paul McRoberts

Heavily featured in Hard Knocks last season notably dealing with a personal tragedy off the field and some missed plays on it in fumbling a return and dropping balls, McRoberts has made positive strides in his second training camp with the Rams. Highlighted in Jared Goff’s redeeming two-minute drill in the joint practice with the Chargers, McRoberts had three of Goff’s 11 completions during the drill, tying him with Robert Woods.

CB E.J. Gaines

Once a stud and steal after being a solid player as a rookie, Gaines has seemingly found himself struggling so far, highlighted by standing out negatively. Essentially beat out by Kayvon Webster (a former fourth cornerback, albeit for an elite defense in Denver), Gaines has not impressed with the new regime so far.

Also, doesn’t help when you got this kind of swagger ahead of you....