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2017 Roster Preview: CB Trumaine Johnson, Staying True

Just passing through.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to the Los Angeles Rams to find a player who grew up in their (new? old? current?) backyard, someone who is relatively good at his position, someone who wants to stay and just...

Toss them aside.

Regardless of where CB Trumaine Johnson ends up, he’s under contract with the Rams this year whether either party wants it or not.

Roster Battle

Nothing to see here, folks.


Wade Phillips has traditionally done a great job with corners. To me, the secondary has always been a team game. Players aren’t usually able to stand out if they don’t have a supporting cast, and the Rams are no different.

While they’re going through a bit of a transition period, the team still has some talent surrounding Johnson. This is also going to be an audition year for 31 other teams (Tru has never signed a second ‘contract’ so-to-speak), so there is easily some fire for him.

Interceptions are always fickle, but I would expect him to put up quality defensive numbers as a cover corner, close to his career highs.

Chances of Making the Final Roster (10/10)