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NFL Hall Of Fame Induction 2017: Former St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner Joins RB Marshall Faulk, OT Orlando Pace As GSOT Enters The Hall

Tonight, Kurt Warner enters the NFL Hall of Fame.

Former St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner
Former St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner

How to watch

What: 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
When: Saturday, August 5, 8pm ET/5pm PT
Where: Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH
TV: NFL Network

Class of 2017

Dallas Cowboys Owner/President/General Manager Jerry Jones
Seattle Seahawks S Kenny Easley
Denver Broncos RB Terrell Davis
St. Louis Rams / New York Giants / Arizona Cardinals CB Kurt Warner
Miami Dolphins / Washington Hall Of Famer Employers / New York Jets DE Jason Taylor
New Orleans Saints / Atlanta Falcons / New York Giants / Kansas City Chiefs / Minnesota Vikings K Morten Andersen
San Diego Chargers / New York Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson

I’ll never forget the day I bought into Kurt Warner, October 10, 1999.

I was a freshman in college at a local pizza joint/bar that I had used my fake ID enough that they didn’t ask me to show it anymore (Statute of limitations, Hartford PD! Untouchable!). The Rams were, improbably, 3-0. Things were looking good. Really good. But in Week 5, we were playing the San Francisco 49ers. Those 1990s 49ers. The 1990s 49ers that had beaten us 17 times in a row. The Rams, in fact, hadn’t beaten the Niners since relocating to St. Louis.

Warner threw for 323 yards and five touchdowns, four of them going to WR Isaac Bruce.

The Streak was over. And I bought in. Hard.

Thankfully, my and every other Rams’ fans belief in that team paid off. The Greatest Show on Turf brought us a Super Bowl ring, a second berth, a wild acculmulation of great moment and memories. And tonight, it produces a third Hall of Famer.

RB Marshall Faulk went in first in 2011. OT Orlando Pace went in last year (albeit with some shenanigans cutting out his thanking the city of St. Louis) without Owner Stan Kroenke in attendance.

Tonight, Kurt Warner will rightfully join his former teammates.

He earned it.