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Random Ramsdom 8/30: Rams Make Nice With Eric Dickerson, Prepare for Cuts

As cut day looms, a 53-man roster still has some questions. The biggest mystery remains: when will Aaron Donald return?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Dickerson Goes From Feuding with Rams to Front Office Role | OC Register

In a move that was telegraphed from the one-day signing of Eric Dickerson yesterday, the Hall of Fame running back no longer has a beef with the Los Angeles Rams. And now he’s the VP of Business Development for the Rams organization.

Eric Dickerson Knows What Aaron Donald Must Be Going Through | LA Times

With two career holdouts under his belt, Dickerson explains what it’s like for a player to miss time with their team in an effort to get a suitable contract.

Todd Gurley Wants Fewer Preseason Games | ESPN

Joining in with the popular opinion that preseason games aren’t worth the risk, RB Todd Gurley believes that players get enough reps in practice and shouldn’t be put at risk for a freak injury in a preseason game.

Practice Report: Roster Cuts Loom as Rams Prepare for Packers | the Rams’ official site

QB Jared Goff and RB Todd Gurley discuss the mood surrounding cut day and what it means to the players that are on the roster bubble.

Les Snead Provides an Update on the Aaron Donald Holdout | the Rams’ official site

Myles Simmons talks to the Rams GM about how Donald’s absence affects the defense and whether he could play in week 1 if he signed this week.

Aaron Donald Unlikely to play Week 1 if he Doesn’t Sign This Week | ESPN

There’s a lot of pressure for the Rams front office to get the Donald deal done this week, especially since it’s going to affect whether he can play against the Colts.

Nelson Spruce has Made Some Fans, but Probably Not the Team | Whittier Daily News

On the verge of getting cut, WR Nelson Spruce forges on in practice as a cult hero in an effort to make enough of an impact to make he 53-man roster. However, Spruce is facing an uphill battle with the emergence of several new receiving weapons this year.

Five Reasons Why Nelson Spruce Shouldn’t Make the Rams | Fansided

A closer look at the fan favorite that is doing his best to rebound from an injury-plagued rookie season. Spoiler: not every fan thinks he’s worthy of making the 53-man roster.

Will Kevin Peterson Convince the Rams to Keep 6 Corners? | Tulsa World

With a strong preseason, CB Kevin Peterman makes a strong case for providing depth to the defense, but are six cornerbacks too many?

Offensive Tackle Andrew Witworth is Driving the Energy Bus | ESPN

In WItworth’s 12th preseason, the veteran is proving to his new team that he’s a gritty leader that sets the pace with his energy and passion for the game; his willingness to hustle to the line sets the pace for the rest of the offense.

Witworth hit 18.2 mph Chasing Melvin Ingram After Fumble | Ramswire

Probably the only positive aspect of a horrific play for the Rams, OT Andrew Witworth showcased his speed as the 6’7” lineman ran down the field in an impressive display of athleticism and effort.

Tavon Austin Gets Why the Rams Traded for Sammy Watkins | ESPN

And so do we. For the first time, the 42 million dollar man talks about the addition of Watkins and how that affects his role in the offense. Austin “understands” and sees it as “brotherly competition.”

Tavon Austin Should Transition to a 3rd Down Back | Fansided

There’s been crazier ideas, and with Lance Dunbar still on the PUP list, it seems that WR Tavon Austin could find an opportunity as a change-of-pace back behind Todd Gurley.