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2017 Roster Preview: LS Jake McQuaide, Unsung Hero

LA Rams P Johnny Hekker & LS Jake McQuaide
LA Rams P Johnny Hekker & LS Jake McQuaide
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015, I looked at Los Angeles Rams LS Jake McQuaide as the product of the film industry, an auteur turned football player.

In 2016, I framed him as a conqueror, a liberator of men.

In 2017, there is only one way to describe Jake McQuaide: hero.

Last year, McQuaide went to the Pro Bowl because of his exquisite snapping. There’s no denying the dexterity of his knuckles anymore.

Roster Battle

Sadly, Eastmode LS Andrew East is no longer with the team. The world is too small for two heroes to coexist in the same environment.

Thus, there shall not be a battle for McQuaide to make the Rams’ 2017 roster. The battle instead lies ahead on the field of glory.


Expect? I expect blood.

Chances of making the final roster (9.999/10)

This isn’t entirely accurate. McQuaide doesn’t make the 53-man roster. McQuaide makes a 1-man roster and everyone else makes the 52-man roster.