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2017 Rams Roster Preview: OG Rodger Saffold And The Time To Overcome

If the Rams’ offense is going to make the necessary steps forward, it’s going to be up to the offensive line to protect QB Jared Goff. Will Rodger Saffold be able to overcome injury and inequity?

Oakland Raiders v St. Louis Rams Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Over the past few seasons, Los Angeles Rams OL Rodger Saffold has proven himself as the team’s best offensive lineman. The one knock against Saffold his entire career has been his unlucky run with injuries.

Last season, he injured his hand against the New Orleans Saints, but he only missed one game the entire season. While that is a net positive, the fact that he has only started a full season once in the past four years is the concern.

Aside from injury concerns, he has played well not only at tackle but inside at guard as well. It’s impressive that he can play left tackle when the team needs him and then kick inside to guard.

Roster Battle

Currently, he’s the second-best offensive lineman next to new left tackle Andrew Whitworth; coincidentally, he will be playing next to him on Sundays. Saffold does not have to look over his shoulder this season.


I expect Saffold to have a great season. He’s playing with a great veteran alongside. If he and Whitworth play as well together as I expect them to, RB Todd Gurley should have every opportunity to have a bounceback season.

Saffold is a really underrated run blocker and he’s a good pass blocker. He is the type of player that any offensive coordinator would be lucky to have.

Chances of Making Final Roster (10/10)

He will be the starter for this season. Next season might be dicey, but at least for now Saffold will be a Ram who should be expected to help the offense get to the next level.