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Eric Dickerson Signs One-Day Contract To Retire As a Ram With More News On Horizon

Over 20 years after playing his last game, Eric Dickerson returns to the team that drafted him. Is a new role with the Rams in his future?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Stadium Groundbreaking Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It’d be an understatement to say that the Rams’ transition back to Los Angeles was kind to Eric Dickerson; especially if you ask him. The Hall of Fame running back, who retired in 1993, was very vocal about his hurt feelings last year in regards to how Jeff Fisher’s team treated him. Dickerson alleged that the team banned him from the sidelines after he was critical of the team during their tumultuous season.

It looks like the water has begun to flow under the bridge with news yesterday announcing that Eric Dickerson is going to sign a one-day contract with the Los Angeles Rams in oder to “cement his legacy.” Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff conveyed the news, along with several nice things to say about what Dickerson means to the organization:

While Eric has always been a member of the Rams family, we believe that it was time to officially cement his legacy as a member of the Los Angeles Rams, as his accomplishments and contributions to our franchise deserve to be celebrated and remembered forever. We are proud to honor the Hall of Fame career of Eric Dickerson with his family and Rams fans everywhere.

Dickerson recently signed on as an analyst for Fox Sports 1. It could be a pessimistic take, but this move seems to be a clear indicator that Demoff and the Rams want a happy Eric Dickerson so that when he’s on camera talking about the Rams, he isn’t talking about what a dumpster fire they are on the field.

This move, most likely orchestrated by Demoff, seems to a reaction to the already fading nostalgia that seems to be evident with the Rams’ presence in Los Angeles. This move is clearly service to the older Rams fans that haven’t been as excited to purchase season tickets, or at least to the level that the organization would have hoped. Maybe Kevin Demoff thought they would have a longer leash with the fans, but with the arrival of the Los Angeles Chargers, it seems that the Rams front office feels desperate to strike up some goodwill fast.

And of course, there’s probably more news coming down the pipe. A possible role with the team, perhaps?

How should Rams fans react to this news? Probably with a shrug or some disaffected cynicism, but at least the team is paying attention to their past and after the news coming today, Eric Dickerson is definitely going to be part of their future.