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Turf Show Radio S9E7: Listener Guest Co-Host Part II

This week’s show was a straight blast. If you are interested in having some quality laughs, over discussions about beer, sandwiches, and how much no one likes Russell Wilson, this is the podcast for you!!!

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(Apple News readers will need to head to the show page to listen to the episode; you can find the show in iTunes too)

This weeks show was a good one between myself (@MightyOrMisone), Joe (@3k_) and our special listener guest co-host Austin Boedigheimer (@AustinDatGuy). I challenged Austin to step up to the plate last week after our first listener guest co-host absolutely killed it, and step up he did.

This week’s show was full of good laughs and great chemistry as we began our discussion talking about beer, and ended on sandwiches. We found out that Joe is highly annoyed by Natural Lite beer, and doesn’t believe its right to have commercials advertising such evil. We went from that, to me revealing that I am the real life Bruh Man from the fifth flo (holds up four fingers).

When we were actually talking Los Angeles Rams football, we covered a lot.

This week we talked about what WR Tavon Austin’s role might actually be. Also is WR Cooper Kupp already entrenched as key contributor and more important piece to the offense than every other receiver?

Austin brought up the great question of expectations for QB Jared Goff this season. We discussed what type of statistical success should we realistically expect from him? We really dove into this discussion and all came away with similar expectations for various reasons.

Later we talked about the teams overall depth, discussing what positions we are most comfortable with, and what positions scare the hell out of us in case of injury. Needless to say, line was a no brainer, however, we all were a bit surprised by the fact that the receiver core is suddenly deep, and cuts will be the hardest its been in probably 15 years for that group.

We had some more laughs, and this time we stuck with football. We talked about quarterbacks we hate, and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Giants QB Eli Manning were at the forefront. Apparently no one likes Wilson, and it’s not because he plays for the Seahawks surprisingly.

Overall, we had a great time recording this weeks episode, and covered a lot. Listeners sent in great questions from roster battles, QB playing time, to 53-man roster surprises, and much more.

And for those of you that never got into Martin and had no clue what Joe and I was talking about, here’s plenty of Bruh Man for you. Just watch how he walks and see how his clothes never fit and listen to how he talks, and you’re welcome ahead of time!!!