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Los Angeles Rams Training Camp 2017: Stock Up, Stock Down Week 4

A very unexpected option is having his stock trend upwards!

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are headed into their final game of the 2017 preseason. Here’s who’s looking at things improving and who needs to turn things around ASAP.

Stock Down

WR’s Mike Thomas and Nelson Spruce

Like they say, availability is the best ability, and neither of these guys suited up for the last game. For a room with a lot of players, and specifically the starting lineup probably etched in stone, the development of guys like Josh Reynolds and Pharoh Cooper bodes very bad for Mike Thomas and Nelson Spruce. The Rams will likely keep six or seven receivers, and with six of those spots already locked in, these guys need to get on the field and show the coaching staff why they should be kept around.

TE Temarrick Hemingway

Coach McVay recently announced that Hemingway has a broken fibula and could potentially be a player to use the IR-designated to return tag on. That means Hemingway will likely miss majority of the season, and unfortunately takes Hemingway off the field. For a second-year player looking to make his mark and find his role, it sucks, but this likely pushes Cory Harkey into a spot on the 53.

RB Lance Dunbar

Another guy who just can’t get healthy. Everyday that Dunbar misses, he falls behind even further. He hasn’t even sniffed the field yet, which likely means he’s behind in terms of the playbook, and even worse, backup RB’s like Malcolm Brown, Justin Davis, and Aaron Green have been making plays.

Stock Up

WR Josh Reynolds

Do I really need to say anything? Since returning from injury, week after week Reynolds has impressed when he’s been out on the field. His ability to get vertical and stretch the field is very apparent, but that’s not all he is. He’s shown some intermediate ability as well, and even took a huge lick this past game and popped right back up like nothing happened. Also, the 40-yard touchdown was a thing of beauty. Rookie WR Josh Reynolds offers something the Rams haven’t had a lot of recently: the ability to create big plays, and that’ll be very welcomed for an offense that ranked #32 last year.

TE Gerald Everett

Rookie TE Gerald Everett has been super impressive in his appearances too. He’s still got work to do in the run blocking department, but that was never his forte, nor the reason he was drafted. What he is-is a big play threat, an incredible RAC weapon, and a huge mismatch nightmare. Everett has already shown the ability to translate every quality that got him drafted onto the NFL field, and with more opportunities come more chances for him to potentially jump Tyler Higbee for more playing time and a starting role.

CB Dominique Hatfield

The rookie UDFA CB from Utah has really been making a mark on this team for what my opinions worth. He seems to be above some of the other options at CB (Penton, Peterson, etc) and has used his time on the field to garner more playing time. With an INT in the third preseason game, Hatfield may have improved his chances to make this roster. What he does in week four will go a long way to determining whether or not he can make the 53, or at worst, stick on the practice squad.