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LA Rams 9, LA Chargers 21: 2nd Half Live Open Thread

Whatever buoyancy came out of the Rams’ second preseason game against the Raiders has been sunk tonight.

Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Is it ever worth preseasoning?

A week ago, we were fighting the rational reaction to buy into what we saw from the early offense from the Los Angeles Rams as they dismantled the Oakland Raiders’ defense. Tonight in the #FightForLA, the Rams came out looking pitiful on both sides of the ball treating QB Philip Rivers to an easy 21-0 lead.

It’s not necessarily the context that matters.

The Rams were without RB Todd Gurley, WR Cooper Kupp, WR Tavon Austin and WR Mike Thomas on offense; on the other side, the Rams only had two expected Week 1 defensive starters in action from the first snap tonight.

What matters is if any of this matters.

A week ago, Rams fans were clamoring to make the case that it does, that the strong play between QB Jared Goff and Kupp and the positive playcalling merited some buy-in to the idea that new Head Coach Sean McVay’s fixing of the Rams’ offense was nigh.

Tonight, it’s going to require the tenacity to immediately discount those suggestions, to be willing to toss the preseason, for better or for worse, under the rug.

With a half of this game and a final preseason contest largely built on filling out the 53-man roster decisions all that stands between the Rams and the regular season, we’re closer than ever to the football that we all know matters.

If tonight’s any indication, let’s hope that the Rams’ performance in this game doesn’t.