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LA Rams Vs. Los Angeles Chargers: Live Open Thread


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are facing the Los Angeles Chargers in the first installment of the #FightForLA.

It's the pivotal third game of the preseason when teams get their final install for the starting groups...which is now increasingly worrisome for the Rams who (a) will be without a number of key starters on both sides of the ball tonight and (b) likely, then, head into Week 1 of the regular season against the Indianapolis Colts without having seen numerous key starters (DE Aaron Donald, DT Michael Brockers, ILB Mark Barron and perhaps CB Kayvon Webster) at any point in the preseason.

Suffice to say, tonight in and of itself is crucial, but as we propel into the regular season, we have plenty of uncomfortable questions unanswered. T'would be nice to get another shred of evidence toward a positive answer tonight.

T'would, indeed.

If nothing else, it's going to be a great atmosphere as Rams fans at the Coliseum will surely do their best to make sure Los Angeles and any sports fans not watching Mayweather-McGregor or the college football action with this Rams game on a national broadcast recognize that LA is the Rams' to lose.