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Five Bold Predictions for the Rams’ Future Preseason Victory Against the Chargers

Get ready for a big spoonful of spoilers as I triumphantly return to my Los Angeles Rams guessing game.

St. Louis Rams v San Diego Chargers Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

So, after last week’s preseason victory against the Oakland Raiders, I’m feeling a bit cocky about my bold predictions. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Jamon Brown is going to keep his job in a triumphant effort.

Maybe that wasn’t so bold because of the lack of depth, but whatever. Brown wasn’t a garbage fire and some would argue that he was pretty OK. See? I’m great at this.

I see Watkins with two targets and one reception for 8 yards.

That is some Scooby-Doo level of spooky. Seriously. Check the box score. Ok, I only got the yards and not the number of catches. Minor detail.

The rangy wideout is going to make the plays of the game, making a spectacular diving catch in the end zone — twice.

That was my prediction for Josh Reynolds getting two touchdowns, which he got one. You know what? Typing this out, it’s not as impressive as it was in my brain. Still bold, though.

Justin Davis will not fumble the ball and he will turn heads, break ankles, and prove to the coaching staff that he should be the backup to Todd Gurley

OK, so he didn’t turn heads or break ankles, but Davis didn’t have any fumbles. Baby steps.

I am now done with my insufferable bragging. On with the boldness for the preseason matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers:

  1. RB Malcolm Brown is going to be the star of the game, breaking several runs in an impressive showing that will place him as the clear backup to Todd Gurley. 95 yards on 13 carries and 2 touchdowns.
  2. LB Corey Littleton is going to get a sack and a half in a dominant performance. This guy is hungry to prove himself and tonight is going to be a persuasive argument that he belongs on this roster. Speaking of Corey, that’s kind of a rough name for a football player. You know what’s a great name? Matt Longacre. But Corey? Littleton? Not intimidating. However, I feel that Littleton is going to get over that massive obstacle by smacking Phillip Rivers into the turf one and half times.
  3. And how about 2 interceptions for everyone’s favorite 3rd round safety, John Johnson? Number 43 has looked good in practice as of late and it’s time for the rookie to shine. This guy also has a lot of personality, so look for him to talk a lot of trash to the Chargers receivers (before their inevitable limping off to the locker room to get examined).
  4. Sadly, my boldness doesn’t always go positive for the Rams. I feel that QB Jared Goff is going to sling it a little too aggressively tonight, tossing 3 interceptions to the other team. But he’s still going to make some great plays because he’s my favorite player on the Rams and I can’t go too negative on the guy. #GoffProBowl2018
  5. And lastly, TE Tyler Higbee is going to prove me wrong that he’s the most overrated player on the Rams. He’s going to light it up tonight, especially with his blocking (he probably got yelled at for his terrible blocking all week by his coaches this past week). Higbee has a lot of potential and I feel that he’s going to put it together tonight with a spectacular touchdown reception from Sean Mannion in the second half.

Those are my five bold predictions. Do you agree or disagree?

Let’s scream our heads off for the Rams tonight as they destroy the Chargers in a beautiful display of dominance. And remember, rent is due on the 1st.